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Update for 10/20/17

New review today for Instruction Manual for Lonely Mountains by Nicola Gunn & MP Fikaris, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 10/18/17

New review today for Alien Lives by Joseph Hewitt, as once again the pile of the review comics shifted, revealing some forgotten comics. Surely you can all relate to such a thing!

Update for 10/16/17

New review today for The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard. Election time is coming up fast, so I may be more scarce than usual around here soon. But not this week!

Update for 10/12/17

New review today for A Carl Short: So Long My Sole Soul So Long by Marcos Perez. That’s right longtime readers and other people with excellent taste in comics, Carl has returned!

Update for 10/10/17

New review today for You & A Bike & A Road by Eleanor Davis, in what’s looking like a (shortened) week of reviews of comics by longtime favorites of mine. Not to give away the tone of the reviews or anything…

Update for 10/6/17

New review today for Busybody by Eli Bishop, which should be a familiar name to anybody who’s been reading this site since the early days. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 10/4/17

New review today for Ronq & Sceban & Shaus In Trouble! – A Plot Story by Neil Brideau. One of the very few actual comics I was able to get from the recent convention, not that I’m still bitter about being broke for it or anything…

Update for 10/2/17

Want to hear a great example of “white people problems?” Cartoon Crossroads Columbus was this weekend, and A. right before the con I noticed a late bank fee, which meant that I had approximately $0 dollars to spend on a con I’d been looking forwards to for months and B. even though I went anyway, I somehow managed to miss an entire room, as I realized much too late that there were about a half dozen people I was hoping to see again/meet that I missed entirely. I did have a few really great conversations, and I did get (very few) review comics, but oof, that was a lethal mix of terrible timing and a missed opportunity for me. Anyway, Jon Mastanuono (formerly Jon Drawdoer) was apparently at the con, and even though I missed him he was nice enough to mail me his recent comic a few weeks ago. So there’s a new review today for The Guest House by Jon Mastanuono, hope to see you next year Jon!

Update for 9/27/17

New review today for The Once Great Auk by Caitlin Cass. Everybody have their travel plans all set for Cartoon Crossroads Columbus this weekend?

Update for 9/25/17

New review today for Let Some Word That Is Yours Be Heard by Alex Nall. Keep the memory of Mr. Rogers alive!

Update for 9/21/17

New review for The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins. Oh hey, is everybody planning on going to Cartoon Crossroads Columbus next weekend? You should, because all kinds of great people are going to be there…

Update for 9/19/17

New review today for Goliath by Tom Gauld, which should be a familiar name to anybody who’s been around this website since the aughts.

Update for 9/8/17

New review today for Night Door by Patrick Kyle, the last of the current batch of mini kus comics. Has anybody ever tried to sit down and read all 58 of these in a single sitting? I wonder how the human mind would handle the strain…

Update for 9/6/17

New review today for Ivy Lee: Founder of Public Relations by Caitlin Cass, another in her Great Moments in Western Civilization series.

Update for 9/4/17

New review today for Wag Rag #1, edited by Rick Bradford at Poopsheet and featuring various artists. It’s the first of an ongoing series of monthly comics from Poopsheet, so get in on the ground floor!

Update for 8/24/17

New review today for Eviction by Evangelos Androutsopoulos, which may be the most combined letters I’ve had in an author’s name. Anybody want to dig through the archives to make sure?

Update for 8/22/17

New review today for A Friend by Andres Magan. Free time is short this week, which means it’s time to break out the mini kus books!

Update for 8/18/17

New review today for Francine by Michiel Budel, which wasn’t up in the Secret Acres store yet but it should be there soon. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 8/16/17

New review today for Valley by GG, as a new gaggle of mini kus books arrived in the mail last week. A group of four mini comics is referred to as a gaggle, right?

Update for 8/14/17

New review today for Hot Dork Love #1 by Mary Q. Contrary, which is very much only for adults. Is it still worth issuing that warning now that the internet exists? It’s not like nudity or sex imagery is hard to come by these days…