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Update for 2/20/17

New review today for Yet Another Ask a Cat by Charles Brubaker, hope everybody is having a good President’s Day! We had a good run of 44 of them that were at least mildly qualified, so I guess statistically we were due for a narcissistic con man with obvious signs of dementia.

Update for 2/15/17

New review today for Snow Cone City #2 by Joseph Hewitt. Say, can any politically active person in Columbus Ohio direct me to the best Indivisible group? I’m interested, but there sure are a lot of them around here…

Update for 2/13/17

Last week got completely away from me, sorry about that. But I can make it up to you by introducing Skip Tobey Volume 1 by Andy Herd into your lives!

Update for 2/3/17

New review for Dark Pants #3: The Pantening by Matt MacFarland. OK, I made up the subtitle. I’ll concede that it could use some work. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 2/1/17

New review today for Spectacular Vermacular by Mathilde Van Gheluwe. This is also mini kus #50, which is damned impressive for any series, not to mention a series that showcases a different artist each time, so reward them by buying some of their books!

Update for 1/31/17

New review today for That’s Me in the Corner Part One by Jep. Hey international readers, remember when I was joking about marrying one of you to get me out of this rapidly devolving country? Maybe I was kidding then, but it’s getting more serious by the day. Loveless marriages welcome!

Update for 1/24/17

New review today for The Shirley Jackson Project, edited by Robert Kirby and featuring a whole bunch of amazing artists. I’m stuck with the flu that wouldn’t leave, so this might be it for reviews this week. Or I’ll finally get better and it won’t be. Guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Update for 1/19/17

New review today for Zoar by Matthew Heisler, which is really making it feel like old home week around here (Matthew did a comic called Milk Baby with his brother about a decade ago). Short week because I’m stuck with a lingering cold and/or protesting the end of American democracy. Oh sorry, I’m getting hyperbolic. I meant that I’m protesting the end of America being taken seriously internationally. Or domestically. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 1/17/17

New review today for the complete Berserkotron by David Robertson. How’s everybody enjoying their last week before the Russian coup?

Update for 1/12/17

New review today for Lovers in the Garden by Anya Davidson. Right about now I’m in the middle of a work conference. Is it fun? Is it awful? Is it somewhere in between? Only future me knows.

Update for 1/10/17

New review today for Excerpts by Carrie McNinch. Read more comics!

Update for 1/9/17

New review today for Mile High Book Two by Mister V. Wow, I really shouldn’t have changed the background of this site. Now I can’t settle on anything that I really like. Well, outside of that new banner image by Cailey Tervo; I’m still just trying to find a background template to tie the whole thing together.

Update for 1/6/17

New review today for Future Space by Mark Velard. So whaddaya think, is 2017 better or worse than 2016?

Update for 1/4/17

New review today for New Flyer by Tim Brown. Hey, you know what would shut this site down for good? If anybody ever put out a comic called “new review today for [insert title here] by [insert artist here].” Reality would fold in on itself as I tried to introduce it and that would be the end of Optical Sloth. Of course, it might also be the end of reality itself, so maybe don’t try it.

Update for 1/3/17

Happy new year everybody, I changed the layout again! Yeah, after spending lots of years with the last setup now I can’t decide which one I want to use. And yes, of course that’s the most important thing I should be worrying about this year, so leave me alone about it. New review today for The Fuzzy Princess #3 by Charles Brubaker.

Update for 12/30/16

New review for the last book of 2016, Snow Cone City #1 by Joseph Hewitt! Since I’m writing these reviews in advance, I assume that 2016 still has one more celebrity death to crap out before the year is up, so I’ll guess… Betty White? She seems nice, which makes her a perfect finale to this crappy year. Here’s hoping for better things next year!

Update for 12/28/16

New review today for Raccoon by Marie Hausauer. Is anybody who went into work this week actually doing any work, or are you just killing time reading websites like this? Discuss.

Update for 12/26/16

New review today for Music of Changes by Daria Tessler, the last of the current batch of mini kus comics (and #45 in the series, if you were keeping track, which you don’t really need to because they’re all self-contained. But you be you).

Update for 12/20/16

Happy holidays week of reviewing! That means that this is the only review of this week, but it’s for a pretty great book: I Thought You Hated Me by Marinaomi. If all goes as planned I should be back to a regular schedule of reviews next week, but if not (holidays being what they are and all), then definitely the week after that. It’s not like anybody else is really working for these next two weeks anyway.

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Update for 12/15/16

New review today for P-FE/FRAF by Ville Kallio, which is a fun title to say out loud. Go ahead, try it!

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