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Update for 3/26/20

New review for Square Head! by Jep. You know, it just occurred to me that I usually set these reviews to autopost at the start of each week, and if I got the ‘Rona I could pass away and still have reviews posting. Ew, creepy. Hey, if that happens, somebody get my mini comics to the Billy Ireland museum in Columbus. They’re bound to be able to find some use for the rarer books…

Update for 3/24/20

What a difference a week off makes, huh? You might think that you’d be seeing more reviews from me, what with the country more or less on pandemic lockdown. Sadly, Board of Elections employees are considered “essential staff” (which sounds a whole lot nicer than “expendable”), so my work schedule is still normal. If that changes, I just got a box of comics from Spit and a Half and I’d be happy to ramble on about all of the comics. New review today for Sremmeh Fo Dog by Dustin Holland!

Update for 3/12/20

New review for King Cat #79 by John Porcellino, the 30th anniversary issue! I already said I’d most likely be out next week for the election, but I’ll mention here too that you should buy what you can from John’s Spit and a Half comics distro as soon as you can, as the man is talking about retiring. Get them comics while you can!

Update for 3/10/20

New review today for Dr. Carl Willendorf: Psychoanalyst of Creatures, Monsters and Other Beasts by Grant Thomas. One more review this week, then it’s most likely radio silence until after the election. Vote!

Update for 2/27/20

New review today for Kids With Guns #2 by Alex Nall! Also I’m hoping to keep the reviews steady through the primary on March 17th (vote!), but if I vanish from time to time, that’s the reason. If that happens just dig through the archives a bit, you’re bound to find some amazing comic that you missed when I reviewed it the first time around…

Update for 2/25/20

Sorry about the gap in reviews, long time readers will know that I tend to get awfully busy around election season, what with my job in elections and all. Also go vote! If you’re not motivated now I honestly don’t know what would do it. New review today for The Audra Show #3 by Audra Stang!

Update for 2/13/20

New review today for Open Molar by Lille Carre, a mini kus book that almost slipped through the cracks. You can’t escape me, mini kus!

Update for 2/11/20

New review today for Alienation by Ines Estrada, and that should do it for the graphic novel reviews for now. Unless I find another “best of” list full of amazing books I hadn’t read, so I guess I’m making no promises…

Update for 2/5/20

New review today for Hot Comb by Ebony Flowers. If nothing else here’s hoping all these graphic novel reviews are giving you some ideas for library books…

Update for 2/3/20

New review today for Good Talk by Mira Jacob, and yes, I’m obviously still reading “best of” books a lot more than mini comics right now. I’ll get back to them, don’t you fret.

Update for 1/30/20

New review for The Empress Cixtisis by Anne Simon. And if I could toot my own horn just a little, this book is now available in the Columbus library system because I noticed it wasn’t there, so if you’re in the area, check it out so they know to get more of this type of thing! Also if you live in the area they’re very responsive to requests like this, so check to see if they’re missing your favorites. Probably not, because they have a lot of comics, but still…

Update for 1/28/20

New review today for The Hard Tomorrow by Eleanor Davis, and apparently I’ve turned January into “reviews from books I found out about through ‘best of’ lists” month. Months maybe? Still more coming from the library!

Update for 1/23/20

New review for Commute by Erin Williams, and yes, I am using the library for a lot of reviews at the moment. Send me your comic and maybe I’ll review your stuff instead!

Update for 1/21/20

New review today for Around the Neighborhood by Rachel Scheer, and thanks to the wonders of technology I’ll be at the dentist while you’re reading this. I’m sure it’s going swimmingly!

Update for 1/16/20

New review today for Becoming Unbecoming by Una. Another book from years ago, but hey, maybe you missed it.

Update for 1/14/20

New review for Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, which is roughly 7 years old. Why yes, I have been checking out some “best of the decade” lists, why do you ask?

Update for 1/8/20

New review today for The Audra Show #2 by Audra Stang. Place your bets for the first time I forget and put 2019 in the year! I’m guessing I don’t make it through the month…

Update for 1/6/20

First review of the new year, and it’s for a 2020 book, In Spite of Ourselves by Natalie Dupille. You don’t get that kind of service from most comics review websites! What’s that? Most review sites deal exclusively with only the newest and freshest books? Um, happy new year!

Update for 12/26/19

New review today for Vivisectionary by Kate Lacour. Is this the last review of 2019? Eh, maybe?

Update for 12/24/19

Yep, I’m sneaking in a couple of reviews in the holiday week, as their frequency has been slipping a bit lately. New review for Plastic People #4 by Brian Canini, as I’m still doing weekly reviews for his stuff while I have it. If you want the same treatment, send me a bunch of your comics. It’s easy!