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Update for 10/4/22

New review today for the last of the current mini kus pile: La fleur au fusil by Pia-Melissa Laroche. You know, assuming I haven’t missed reviewing any of the mini kus books, I’m getting very close to reviewing 100 issues of the series. This is #110, and I started with #18, way back in the day. If that happens, obviously some sort of celebration is called for, but what? Hm…

Update for 9/28/22

New review today for The Sandstorm Party Planners by Steve Steiner, who’s going to be at Cartoon Crossroads in Columbus, Ohio from October 6th through 9th, along with the dude I’m reviewing tomorrow. Ooh, a cliffhanger!

Update for 9/26/22

New review today for Snake Meat #8 by Max Clotfelter. I mentioned at some point that August was the 21st anniversary of the website, right? If not, consider yourself notified. Maybe I’ll have a celebration of some kind next year…

Update for 9/22/22

New review today for Dingus and Dum-Dum by Robb Mirsky, and since I seem to be defaulting to reviewing the same people lately, tomorrow is “hey, I haven’t reviewed their comics in a while/ever” week! Although I may have to work on that title…

Update for 9/20/22

Sorry about yet another gap week in reviews, between work and this “let’s organize my mini comics after 20+ years” project, I’m running short on free time. New review today for Jumping Things by Klara Zahradkova which, if you’re keeping track, is mini kus #109. Speaking of that organizing project, it looks like I have every one of those suckers past #18, with a few duplicate copies along the way here and there. Maybe if you go to Cartoon Crossroads in Columbus Ohio from October 6th through 9th I’ll end up passing out whatever duplicate mini comics I find? Who knows.

Update for 9/9/22

New review today for Translucent by Adam Yeater, and based on the pile of comics he sent me, I’m starting to think I created a monster with my whole “why don’t I review every issue of Meeting Comics” idea. Gentle comic artists, generally speaking I just won’t have the time/ability/inclination to do that, unless that mythical billionaire ever comes by to sponsor me and free me from all work obligations. Until then, I’ll only be able to get through a smattering of your comics. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 9/7/22

New review today for Lemonade Brigade by Robb Mirsky, and honestly, the horror of that cover is just now getting through to me.

Update for 9/5/22

New review today, sort of, for Sunder Citadel by Grant Thomas. Sorry about missing last week, but I’ve started my “let’s get all my mini comics from the last 25 years organized” project, and once you get started with something like that the only way out is through it. Also, remember those times over the years when I complained because somebody didn’t put their name anywhere on the comic? Yeah, those comics are going in the “???” section when this is all organized. Which is a shame, but if you identified only by your clever website name in 2005, it doesn’t leave me a lot to go on now. Maybe I’ll put up some of the odder ones here when I’m done in case any of y’all can figure them out…

Update for 8/26/22

New review today for Another One Bites The Crust by Sarah Romano Diehl. In other news, I’ve finally started organizing my comics. Since that covers 21 years of the website (preceded by almost a decade of buying mini comics on my own), this is clearly going to take some time. If there’s anybody out there who’s a compulsive organizer with plenty of time on their hands who also wants to look at lots and lots of comics, drop me a line!

Update for 8/24/22

New review today for Buny by Ben Cherry. Anybody have any tips for how to train cats to avoid using claws while playing with them? Asking for a more than slightly scratched up me…

Update for 8/22/22

New review today for The Apartment by Joana Mosi. Didn’t I say recently that I was going to take a mini kus break? Yeah, that lasted less than a week. I cannot resist their siren song!

Update for 8/18/22

New review today for Gecko by Nate Garcia! Also I accidentally published this live for about 30 seconds on the day that I usually write all my reviews for the week. So if anybody is out there compulsively updating this website over the weekend, you may have figured out when that is. If so, congratulations!

Update for 8/16/22

New review for I Miss You So Much by Nhozagri, and this mini kus pile is starting to look a bit slim. Maybe I’ll take a break and dig through other piles for a bit. Anybody want to be an Optical Sloth intern and go through all this stuff for me? Pay: zero. Opportunities for advancement: ha! But hey, you’d get to read all the comics you’d like. There are worse jobs!

Update for 8/12/22

New review for Mole #6 by Andrew Pilkington, so we’re wrapping up international week with Australia. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 8/10/22

It’s time for another mini kus book! This time the review is for Dawn of the Living Dead Near Kotka Morgue by Marko Turunen, and since he got funding for this one in Finland, international week continues!

Update for 8/8/22

New review today for Curse of Brick by David Craig, as (unintentional) international week begins with Canada!

Update for 7/27/22

New review today for Lemonade Tango #3 by Henry Uhrik. There’s an election less than a week away in Ohio (it’s a little one, tell all your friends to vote and you could maybe actually get a dark horse candidate of your choosing to win), so this may be it for reviews until that’s over. Probably, actually. But we’ll see!

Update for 7/25/22

New review today for Meeting Comics #22: The Musical by Andrew Neal. Sure, I may have stopped doing weekly reviews of his book, but I still have a few left to talk about. Also I just saw his new stickers on his website, and two of them made me laugh out loud, so go there are see if you can guess which ones!

Update for 7/21/22

It’s another one from the mini kus pile, and this time it’s Li’l Jormly by Christopher Sperandio!

Update for 7/19/22

Probably not the greatest idea to mention my covid positive status and then take a week off reviewing, huh? I’m fine, outside of maybe some long covid I haven’t found out about yet. But enough about me! New review today for Applewood Canyon #5 by Brian Canini.