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Update for 10/26/21

New review today for My Hot Date (And Other Embarrassments) by Noah Van Sciver. Those Kilgore Comics folks were nice enough to send me a half dozen of their newest comics, so expect to see more from that pile in the coming weeks.

Update for 10/21/21

New review for O Human Star Volume Two by Blue Delliquanti. See? I told you I’d review somebody who I was hoping to see at Cartoon Crossroads this week!

Update for 10/19/21

New review today for Meeting Comics #2 by Andrew Neal, and just in case you only read these blurbs and not the reviews (you weirdo you) I’m going to start reviewing these suckers weekly. Hey, if you have a dozen plus issues of your series out, send them to me in a chunk. Maybe I’ll start reviewing them weekly too! I’d hold off until next year though. Can’t be doing several weekly review series at the same time, otherwise when would I get the time to review other stuff? I’m just one man!

Update for 10/14/21

New review today for Pelican Bastards by Michael Aushenker. He wasn’t supposed to be at Cartoon Crossroads this year, but next week I should have more reviews for people who were, if you were wondering why I ditched the theme after one review.

Update for 10/12/21

If you thought I missed last week because I was buried under a mound of comics from Cartoon Crossroads, well, funny story. Turns out that there was no in-person comic artists because of covid. Which was fine, but I didn’t see a thing spelling that out on the website. Ah well, I got to spend some time a local museum while hunting for comics, so that was fun. Anyway, Brian Canini is one of the people I would have seen at the show, so here’s a review for his Glimpses of Life #7.

Update for 10/1/21

New review today for Brick By Brick from David Craig. Cartoon Crossroads this weekend, anybody who is anywhere near Columbus Ohio! If you see a blond weirdo wearing a Tortilla Comix shirt wandering around on Saturday, come over and say hi! You will freak me all the way out by doing so.

Update for 9/29/21

New review today for 10 Sim Lane by Essi Nieminen, which is unfortunately the last of the mini kus pile. But that’s OK! Clearly, as this is issue #102 of their series, it’s just a matter of time until new ones are released into the wild.

Update for 9/27/21

It’s accidental (almost) silent comics week! Yep, it’s a peek behind the curtain: these days I often write the reviews over the weekend and set them to post during the week. That way you scofflaws can read reviews during the work week and I don’t have to scramble for time. This week I grabbed three comics that either have very few words or none at all and this one (Nugget #1 by Tony DiPasquale) is completely wordless. Hm, maybe I should try to come up with a way to write a wordless review to go with these comics. There has to be a way…

Update for 9/21/21

Lots going on around here, so you get just the one review this week on top of none at all last week. I know, life sucks! The good news is that Cartoon Crossroads is happening in Columbus next weekend, so if you’re anywhere near Ohio (and if past years are any indication) I’d say it’s a good idea to get your travel plans in order. New review today for Survival Mode by Dileydi Florez, another from the mini kus pile.

Update for 9/9/21

New review today for Heel on the Shovel #2 by Michael Kamison and Steven Arnold. Y’all are vaccinated, right? I just like to assume that I don’t have any dummies in my audience. Dare to dream, probably, but it’s a good dream…

Update for 9/7/21

New review today for Long Live the Witches by Valentine Gallardo, which also just so happens to be mini kus #100! They chose to go low key for the milestone issue, even though by comic book law they were legally able to include a crossover with Green Goblin or Venom. Their loss!

Update for 9/3/21

New review today for Super Magic Forest by Ansis Purins. See if you can spot the Zombre!

Update for 9/1/21

New review today for Flowers Intertwined by Ema Gaspar, which just so happens to be the 99th issue of mini kus. Collect them all!

Update for 8/30/21

New review today for Meeting Comics #1 by Andrew Neal, for all the employed and trapped in an office environment readers out there. Like me!

Update for 8/25/21

Busy busy week, so you’re only getting one review: World Ceramic Fair by Jooyoung Kim. That’s right, it’s more mini kus! Don’t worry, I have a few books here that need reviewing, and I’ll get to them soon. I just need a few more hours in the day…

Update for 8/20/21

New review today for another mini kus book, BLINK by Martin Lopez Lam. If you like my reviews where I ramble and dissemble to try to cover up the fact that I didn’t really get a particular book, you’ll love this one!

Update for 8/18/21

So for this anniversary review week (during which, sadly, I’m pretty busy in my regular life) I decided to also include a couple of mini kus reviews. Hey, why not? New review today for Bridge by Matt Madden.

Update for 8/16/21

Happy 20th anniversary for Optical Sloth! I’m not sure of the exact date, but I know that it started in August 2001, so I figure this is close enough for a celebration, especially considering the fact that there isn’t a real celebration happening. If you’d told me 20 years ago that I’d still be doing this, and I’d still be making roughly zero dollars at it (there’s still the “once in a blue moon” comics orders, but it’s exceedingly rare at this point), I’d have said you were cuckoo bananas. But hey, I still like comics, so why not. I have a few ideas on where I’d like the site to go from here, but considering my lack of follow-through on several other ideas, I’ll just leave that to your imagination for now. And, as always, if any millionaires are reading this, send cash and I’ll turn it into more comics. Or send me a huge pile of cash and you can have your own in-house reviewer! As for the review, I debated picking somebody like John Porcellino who I’ve been reviewing the whole time, or maybe mini kus #100, as it is in my apartment. But in the end, a cute little mini came in last week from a guy I haven’t seen before, and what’s more in the spirit of the website than making that the 20th anniversary review? New review today for Sludgy #3 by Robb Mirsky!

Update for 8/5/21

It’s mini kus time again! New review today for Before the Pandemic There Was a Touch Football Tourney by David Collier. #95 in the mini kus books, and they sent me a double batch for reviewing, which goes up to #100 and beyond. So yes, you’ll be seeing some mini kus reviews over the next couple of months, that’s for sure…

Update for 8/3/21

New review today for Plastic People #8 by Brian Canini, meaning that I’m now over halfway done with the series. Man, that guy can put out the comics, that’s for sure.