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Update for 9/8/20

New review today for Little Circle and the Wishing Fairy by Samantha Ann Peartree (actually Andrew Davis). Everybody have a good holiday weekend? Anybody dumb enough to have indoor holiday parties without masks? If so, please send me as much money as you can before you go into the hospital. I promise to spend all the money on comics…

Update for 9/4/20

New review today for Mount a Rescue by David Robertson and a gaggle or artists. Or is it a murder of artists? Happy weekend everybody! Enjoy if you’re in one of the countries where it’s OK to leave the house!

Update for 9/2/20

New review today for Egle and the Snake by Joana Estrela, one more from the mini kus pile. In other news, I’m doing a Chester Brown reread at the moment because hey, why not? But I’ve noticed that somehow I ended up with Louis Riel #1-9 out of a 10 issue series. Anybody have a line on how I could get a copy of the 10th issue? Drawn and Quarterly, sadly, doesn’t have it in stock, and the internet is greatly confused when I search for individual issues…

Update for 8/31/20

New review today for Across the Diner by Brian Canini. Hey, I’d review your comics as often as I reviewed his if you put out a dozen or so books a year too, you know…

Update for 8/26/20

New review today for Crime at Babel by Martins Zutis, another one of my week of mini kus reviews that could really just be a series of question marks. Oh, and I should mention this somewhere: August is the anniversary of Optical Sloth, and this makes it 19 years. 19! Here’s hoping that what I lack in quality I make up for in sheer longevity. And yes, I do have some plans for the 20th anniversary, provided we all live that long. Will those plans come to pass? I don’t have the greatest track record with such things, but maybe!

Update for 8/24/20

Ach, sorry, work is really picking up (get your voting plan ready now!) and real life has been a mess too, leaving not much time or energy for talking about comics. So I decided to come back and make it a short mini kus week, but the two I picked basically defy description, so enjoy (?) my attempts at reviews. New one today for Violent Delights by Hetamoe!

Update for 8/6/20

New review for Not My Small Diary #18 edited by Delaine Derry Green, and featuring every small press comics person that you like. Go ahead, check the list, see if I’m wrong!

Update for 8/4/20

New review today for (extra) Ordinary by Roberts Rurans, another from the mini kus pile!

Update for 7/31/20

New review for another from the mini kus pile, Chapter Two by Keren Katz. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 7/29/20

New review today for Blirps #2 by Brian Canini, who is maybe putting out more comics than anybody these days? Maybe.

Update for 7/27/20

New review for King Cat #74 by John Porcellino, the issue that somehow got away. No longer!

Update for 7/23/20

New review for Hero by Harukichi. This concludes a rather short mini kus week, but don’t you fret: they sent me 8 comics this time around, and I only got around to 2 this week. Meaning lots more mini kus to come!

Update for 7/21/20

It’s mini kus week! A short one, granted, but so are the mini kus books. New review today for The Book Fight by Chihoi!

Update for 7/7/20

New review today for XTC69 by Jessica Campbell, and to anybody reading this who needs to hear it, put your mask on, dummy!

Update for 7/3/20

New review today for The Marchenoir Library by A. Degen. Happy weekend/holiday, y’all! Don’t do anything stupid just because you want to get drunk and hang out with friends and/or family!

Update for 7/1/20

New review today for The True Adventures of Jepcomix #8 by Jep, and let me just admit here that I don’t love that title. There, I said it!

Update for 6/29/20

New review today for Roulette by Brian Canini. No matter how bored you get in the pandemic, that’s still not a game I’d recommend.

Update for 6/24/20

New review today for Tatanka by Grant Thomas. Everybody out there is still wearing a mask, right? Nobody is being a moron about that?

Update for 6/22/20

New review today for The Fuzzy Princess: Girl’s Night Out #1 by Charles Brubaker. Hey, anybody out there who gave me copies of their comics to sell back in the day? I’m shutting down the shop, so I’ll be reaching out to you to get your books back to you (and to pay you the few dollars I owe you, although don’t be alarmed if I didn’t sell any of your books. I’m terrible at the online selling stuff thing!). So contact me at if you want to get a jump on things, otherwise expect an email soonish, timeframe based on the first letter of your last name. Jeff Zwirek, you have some time to think about things!

Update for 6/12/20

New review today for The Fifty Flip Experiment #25, which is what I hope aliens will eventually use to judge our entire race. Happy weekend everybody!