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Update for 6/20/18

New review today for Little Stranger by Edie Fake, another of the many wonderful books put out by Secret Acres.

Update for 6/18/18

Sorry about yet another week without reviews, but you try organizing a move when you have this many comics to sort out. Oh, the problems I have, boo-hoo, woe is me. But yeah, if you want to send more comics for review, at this point I’d just hold off until I post the new address where I’ll be living on July 1st. New review today for Andros #7 by Max Clotfelter!

Update for 6/7/18

New review today for The Fifty Flip Experiment #23 by Dan Hill, which I am still trying to process.

Update for 6/5/18

New review for Down & Away by Katherine Wirick, who also sent along the third issue of Nervenkrank recently, so I’ll be reviewing that soon too. Everything’s coming up Wirick!

Update for 5/29/18

New review today for Goiter #1 by Josh Pettinger, and in another month I’m moving again, this time slightly north of Columbus to a town called Delaware. I’ll put up the new address when I’m getting closer to moving, but if you have review comics to send my way I’d recommend either sending them in the next week or so or holding off on sending them until the first week of July.

Update for 5/16/18

New review today for Spaboon by Chris Carlier, and this is most likely it for reviews on the week, but who knows, maybe if life cooperates I’ll manage another one on Friday…

Update for 5/14/18

New review today for Bald Knobber by Robert Sergel, and if you have comics to send my way for review, I’d recommend sending them in the next few weeks, as I’m going to be moving at the end of June. Yes, again. Anybody know a great place to live in either Columbus or Delaware (Ohio)?

Update for 5/7/18

That’s right, an actual comic review! Sorry about the radio silence, I recommend against getting any kind of serious back injury. Makes sitting at a computer damned near impossible. And I’ve become moderately human again just in time for election week, so work is going to keep me away (probably) until next week. Go vote if you live in Ohio! New review today for Nervenkrank #2 by Katherine K. Wirick, and if my writing in the review is rusty and off from my usual self, I’m still trying to get back into a rhythm over her…

“Update” for 3/25/18

Sorry about the lack of reviews lately, real life has gotten in the way. I’m hoping things get back to whatever normal is within the next week or so, at which point I have some comics to talk about, so please bear with me. In the meantime, wander around the archives! All kinds of comics you’ve probably never heard of if you didn’t read the review the first time around.

Update for 3/8/18

New review today for Kingdom/Order by Neil Psaltis, and what the heck, I’ll just post this message here since email doesn’t seem to work: hey Secret Acres! You’ve been sending review books to my ex for several years now! Luckily we’re still friends, but my address is over there on the right hand side of the website. See? Oh hi, everybody else! You can also use that address to send me review comics, if you’re so inclined…

Update for 3/6/18

New review today for Resident Lover by Roman Muradov, which is the last of the current crop of mini kus books. But don’t despair, these folks are like clockwork. Give them another few months and there will be more tiny, amazing comics for you to enjoy…

Update for 3/2/18

New review today for Master Song by Francisco Sousa Lobo, which leaves only one more comic from this current mini kus pile for me to review. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 2/28/18

Hey look, 2018 is already 1/6 over. Everybody out there is registered to vote and ready to clean up this mess during the elections this year, right? New review today for The Hanukkah Fire, 1992 by Rachel Scheer!

Update for 2/26/18

New review today for Collection by Pedro Franz, another one from the mini kus pile.

Update for 2/21/18

New mini kus comics have arrived! I’ll only believe the apocalypse has arrived if these fine folks stop putting out comics. New review today for Nausea by Abraham Diaz!

Update for 2/19/18

New review today for Projections on a Monument by Caitlin Cass, one of those rare occasions when I actually review a comic in the same month that it came out.

Update for 2/15/18

New review today for Spinadoodles #8: Mooz Boosh by Sam Spina. More reviews next week now that I’m over this flu (mostly), but there’s not much waiting if you had a new comic you wanted to send my way…

Update for 2/13/18

Sorry about the gap in reviews, I got that death flu that’s been making its way around. Turns out that it’s as awful as people say! New review today for Shortcut by Steve Feldman.

Update for 1/26/18

New review for Detainees by Mike Skrzynski & Colin Ryono, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 1/24/18

New review today for Stewbrew #5 by Max Clotfelter & Kelly Froh. Looks like I ended up with two copies of this one, so I’ll give my extra copy to whoever sends me a million dollars. Or whoever buys me coffee in Columbus. Whichever comes first…