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Update for 3/1/21

New review today for Finnegans Wake by Nicolas Mahler (based off the James Joyce novel, of course). The second of my recent four mini kus books, as they keep creeping closer and closer to issue #100…

Update for 2/25/21

New review today for Tortilla Comix #6 by Jaime Crespo. Any amateur librarians want to take a crack at helping me organize my comics after the pandemic loosened up a bit? Seems unlikely, but oof, what a task that’s going to be…

Update for 2/23/21

It’s mini kus time again! I’ll most likely be reviewing one of these a week until they’re gone again. New review today for Sufficient Lucidity by Tommi Parrish!

Update for 2/18/21

New review today for Killer Hats by Grant Thomas, which is already the second comic of his that I’ve reviewed this year. No bigger point to be made there, it just means that man makes a lot of comics.

Update for 2/15/21

New review today for Sunshine State by John Carvajal. Sorry about the gap in reviews, you know how life can be. My store is still open, barely, so get those comics while you can! I’m still in the process of trying to make sense of about 15 years of financial records when my chief source is old emails and Paypal. It’s exactly as much fun as it sounds!

Update for 1/26/21

New review today for Faceless Nameless by Ben Cherry. And I’ve finally figured out how to determine exactly what I owe people who originally sent me their comics over a decade ago, but it’s going to take a few weeks to nail it all down, so if you’re been stalling on placing an order, you just got a brief reprieve. Current stock should stay steady until maybe mid-February, after that the comics will start disappearing…

Update for 1/20/21

New review today for Weird Beard by Andrew Goldfarb! Speaking of the store closing here, I do have a few of his comics left, if anybody is interested…

Update for 1/18/21

New review today for Plastic People #6 by Brian Canini. If you’re still looking to order comics, you may notice that the store is about page smaller than it used to be. And it’ll keep getting smaller, so do your thing and be quick about it! Have I mentioned Book Hunter by Jason Shiga for all the librarians out there? I’ve always been amazed that that didn’t become a cult classic…

Update for 1/13/21

New review today for Fights: One Boy’s Triumph Over Violence by Joel Christian Gill. I’m already starting to get in touch with a few artists who have books in the store, so get your orders in now before they disappear! Oh, and in case I haven’t been clear, you’ll need to put whatever you’d like to buy into an email to me. The store is very busted, which is a big reason why I’m shutting it down…

Update for 1/5/21

New review today for My Life in Records #6 by Grant Thomas. How long until I screw up and put “2020” up there for one of these updates?

Update for 1/1/21

Hey, that terrible year somehow ended! New review today for Why Art? by Eleanor Davis, because I wanted to start off on a high note. I’m taking the weekend off, then after that I’ll start dismantling the online store bit by bit. So last chance for getting everything that’s still listed! After that it’ll all depend on your timing. And if anybody has any ideas on what I should do with any profits from comics made by people who have since passed away, please let me know. I’m leaning towards a lump donation to the CBLDF, because the idea of hunting down next of kin so I can give them $4 in proceeds, dredging up awful memories in the process, seems less than ideal…

Update for 12/28/20

New review today for To Know You’re Alive by Dakota McFadzean! Just one more gentle reminder: after the first of the year I’m going to start contacting people who have books in my online store and sending their unsold comics back to them. I’d love to be able to tell them that they sold more books (and give them more money), because I’m going to feel like a real heel with a few people whose books never sold, so buy some comics now! It’s not their fault, the store has always been a disaster, but you know what I mean. Once we hit 2021 I’ll still be taking orders for a bit, but that store will steadily be getting smaller and smaller until it’s gone.

Update for 12/18/20

New review today for Coin-Op Carnival #1 by Ryan Claytor & Nick Baldridge, which is not to be missed if you have any interest in pinball machines, old or new.

Update for 12/16/20

New review today for Trolls: 1 Trip 2 Many by Michael Aushenker, which is the second comic this week to involve an ill-advised trip to space. Note: no space travel was involved in my next review.

Update for 12/14/20

New review today for Sportsbar, New York Part II by Martin Pohl, which you can tell is very fancy because of the Roman numerals. Also it’s the first of two comics this week that feature unqualified characters being sent into space, and no, I did not plan things that way.

Update for 12/11/20

Yes, believe it or not, my work with elections can actually be very busy even after everybody else stops paying attention. I’d explain why, but I can see people nodding off from here. New review today for Plastic People #5 by Brian Canini, if all goes well I should be able to get a few reviews up next week.

Update for 11/25/20

New review today for The Audra Show #5 by Audra Stang! So hey, if you order anything from the store over this holiday gap, I’ll throw in something extra. A few comics, maybe some original artwork I have laying around, something. Maybe that will be the tiniest incentive to convince people to stay home for Thanksgiving? Eh, probably not. Oh, and since I’m selling some non-store small press stuff on eBay, I should probably include that link here. You know, if you were looking for comics by Julie Doucet, Jason Lutes, Chester Brown, Peter Bagge or Adrian Tomine. I’ll be adding more stuff soon probably, it’ll basically be the “hey wait a minute, I already have these books in a collected edition” comics…

Update for 11/23/20

New review for Maids by Katie Skelly! And here’s hoping nobody reading this is dumb enough to go to a Thanksgiving dinner with people other than the ones you’re already living with. And, if you are, please send a letter to your local hospital saying that you understand the risks and want to give your future bed up to somebody who at least tried to stay safe. Hey, it’s just being true to your principles, right?

Update for 11/18/20

New review today for Two Stories by Brian Canini, and if all goes well I should be back next week with more reviews. Keep those comic orders coming! I’m really dreading telling the few people who haven’t sold any comics over the years the bad news. It’s not their fault, it’s my crappy store, but still…

Update for 11/16/20

One solid month! I did not mean to be gone for that long, but presidential year elections are a madhouse even in states where the result, sadly, wasn’t that close. I’m going to ease back into things with a couple of reviews this week; today it’s for Dogs by Tim Brown. If I can manage to avoid covid (fingers crossed, but be careful out there everybody) I should be able to get through most of the review backlog over the next month or so. Oh, and I’m still planning on shutting the store down at the end of the year, and thanks to a few orders I’m getting a lot closer to all of the comics being listed for sale as actually for sale and not dusty mirages of a broken store…