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Update for 3/23/23

New review today for The Fifty Flip Experiment #28 by Dan Hill. I also saw on his website that a new issue is coming out soon, so now it’s a race against time to see if I can get through these weekly reviews before it comes out. Place your bets!

Update for 3/21/23

New review today for Eyeland #2 by Nick Forker. I was debating doing weekly reviews of his stuff too, as he sent me several comics, but so far I’m leaning against it. Mostly because I like variety, and doing more than one of those sets of weekly reviews at a time would make things seem pretty repetitive around here. Maybe in a month or so…

Update for 3/16/23

New review today for The Fifty Flip Experiment #27 by Dan Hill, as I continue his weekly reviews. But wait, you might be thinking if you’re reading these as they come out. Didn’t you just review #29 last week? I can’t put anything by you: it’s true. I found two more older issues in an unexplored section of my apartment. I’m honestly thinking about hiring a spelunker to get to the comics that have been unintentionally buried over the years. Anyway, that just means more reviews of his comics, so everybody is a winner!

Update for 3/14/23

New review today for SRY not Sorry by Michael Fikaris, and yes it’s true, it’s another mini kus book! Enjoy it, as I’m down to just one new one to review after this one.

Update for 3/10/23

New review today for Screaming Mimi Kids Volume 1: Ghosted by Patrick Lay. That might be the last of the CXC comics to review, but as soon as I type this I’ll probably find a few more buried comics. Happy weekend y’all!

Update for 3/8/23

New review today for The Fifty Flip Experiment #29 by Dan Hill. Speaking of Dan, I noticed that his comics were getting backed up here, so I’m doing that thing where I review an issue a week for a few weeks. Maybe this will help me get more into his general mindset, which may or may not be a good idea. But it should at least be interesting!

Update for 3/6/23

New review for You’re the Center of Attention by Gina Wynbrandt, which is another one from the mini kus pile.

Update for 3/2/23

New review today for Slight Return by Brett Hamil. Oh, and if you have spare cash around from your tax return (or just in general), the Love and Rockets 40th anniversary behemoth that Fantagraphics put out a few months back is absolutely worth your attention. If you haven’t heard, it reprints the first 50 issues of the series (when it was magazine sized), letters pages, ads and all, with a final volume that’s nothing but essays, interviews and various projects of theirs. I’ve barely even scratched the surface of the beast, but it is gorgeous. Here’s hoping they have something similar in the works for Naughty Bits by Roberta Gregory, as I’m still missing large chunks of that series.

Update for 2/28/23

New review today for Womp Womp #3 by Brandon Lehmann. Sorry if the sample image was a little crooked, I was under a cat attack while trying to scan.

Update for 2/24/23

New review for Santos Sisters #2 by Greg and Fake Petre, and it just occurred to me that there’s been another Santos in the news quite a bit lately. Crossover?

Update for 2/22/23

New review today for Glimpses of Life #8 by Brian Canini. I’m still planning on doing some bulk reviews for a couple of his series, in my doomed effort to try to catch up to one of the more productive artists in comics. I have a pile of Plastic People comics giving me a guilt trip over here…

Update for 2/20/23

It’s mini kus time once again! New review today for You Feed Fire Like It’s A Horse by Marco Quadri. I feel like I don’t mention enough that they have package deals as well as options to purchase single issues, so if you want to get this issue plus the three that come after it (which I’ll be reviewing shortly, obviously) then you can do that for $22 rather than the $7.95 per issue. What a steal!

Update for 2/9/23

New review today for Desperate Pleasures by M.S. Harkness, and I have no idea how I’ve gone this long from CXC without reviewing this. All of my assistants are getting fired for this oversight, that’s for sure!

Update for 2/7/23

New review today for Supplement by Ben Cherry, which is a comic. Sometimes I don’t have a whole lot to say outside of the review, you know?

Update for 2/3/23

New review today for King Cat #82 by John Porcellino. New King Cat’s out!

Update for 2/1/23

New review today for Cat #4 by Brandon Berry, and I regret to inform you that this is the last of his comics that I got for review, so the weekly reviews are over for now. Some of you may be happy to hear this too, who knows? Without social media or comments I’m mostly shouting into the void over here…

Update for 1/30/23

New review today for Postal Constituents Volume 12 #2 by Caitlin Cass! That title is so clunky mostly because it’s a preview for a projected larger work. Just in case there were any absolute nutcases out there who only read the update sections and not the reviews.

Update for 1/26/23

New review today for Cat #3, and there’s only one more issue of this comic for me to read in these weekly reviews. Oops!

Update for 1/24/23

New review today for Nexus of Exes by Andrew Neal, which is also an issue of Meeting Comics, even though he’s stopped putting that on the covers. Isn’t trivia fun?

Update for 1/20/23

New review today for Reject All by David Robertson and friends, and I don’t think I’ve screwed up the year on these reviews yet. Happy weekend everybody!