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Update for 7/29/21

New review today for Reluctant Oracle #1 by William Cardini, who has been making comics for quite a few years now. You know, what with the 20th anniversary of the website coming up next month, I was thinking about trying to find out what the first people I reviewed were up to today. Then I remembered that I somehow was motivated enough to launch the website with 100 reviews already written (which absolutely boggles my mind today), and I’ve mostly lost the original review dates for the first few years anyway, so I guess that’s out. I’m sure one of them was John Porcellino, and King Cat is still chugging along, so that’s something…

Update for 7/27/21

New review today for Addicted by J.T. Davidson, from a mystery pile of mini comics whose origins have been lost to time. Intrigued?

Update for 7/22/21

New review for Heel on the Shovel #1 by Michael Kamison and Steven Arnold. Anybody have any good advice for raising a giant cat? Because one of these new kittens is looking like it might end up in the 20 pound range, and that’s way outside of my cat experience. Unrelated to comics, I guess, and I do apologize for wandering off topic for the very first time in the history of this website.

Update for 7/20/21

New review today for G-G-G-Ghost Stories by Brandon Lehmann. Even the title is spooky!

Update for 7/16/21

New review today for Forever and Everything #7 by Kyle Bravo. It’s a pandemical comic!

Update for 7/14/21

New review today for The War On Dental by Michael Aushenker. Also I found the button that deletes my entire inbox, and I was digging into it because I hadn’t checked it in at least a month, probably longer. So if you’ve sent me an email in the last month or so, maybe send it again if you want to hear back.

Update for 7/12/21

I know, I know. Things have been crazy around here (new kittens! new bookshelves! new car!), but there’s a new review today for Four Stories by Brian Canini. And I’m writing three reviews this week, so that’s something. Right?

Update for 7/1/21

New review today for O Human Star Volume One by Blue Delliquanti, which is absolutely fantastic. Dang it, did I give away my opinion in the preview again?

Update for 6/29/21

New review today for Bee-Man: The Death of Bee-Man by Michael Kamison and Steven Arnold. Why yes, I am trying and failing to not fall into my more sporadic summer reviewing habits, why do you ask?

Update for 6/17/21

New review today for So Buttons! #11 by Jonathan Baylis and a gaggle of his artist chums.

Update for 6/15/21

New review today for Queen of the House by Grant Thomas. You know, I had a few plans for the 20th anniversary of the website (coming up in a couple of months, believe it or not), but it’s starting to look like none of them are going to be ready in time. And if there’s a more apt celebration for this particular website, I don’t know what it could be.

Update for 6/3/21

New review today for Rust Belt Review #1 by Sean Knickerbocker and about a half dozen other artists. Enjoy, anthology junkies!

Update for 6/1/21

New review today for Save It For Later by Nate Powell, which if I was dictator of the world I’d make everybody read. Of course, then this book would be protesting me, which might cause a time paradox of some kind.

Update for 5/28/21

New review today for Beastly by Ben Cherry, as I am ending the week with polar bears. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 5/26/21

New review today for The Tay Bridge Disaster by David Robertson, which may or may not be your favorite story of a bridge collapsing. Depends on where you live, I guess.

Update for 5/24/21

New review today for Forever and Everything #6 by Kyle Bravo! He’s the guy with the action star name who does diary strips about daily life and raising a family.

Update for 5/13/21

New review today for The Woodsman by Rob Jackson. Maybe it’s his opus? Nah, I think that guy has even bigger books in him. Just a theory!

Update for 5/11/21

New review today for Plastic People #7 by Brian Canini, and I’ve maybe reviewed more of his comics than anybody else over the years? I’ll have to do a count one of these days to see. The second guy I review this week is also pretty high up that list…

Update for 5/5/21

Only one review this week, as there’s an election going on. A very small one, granted, but it still means a lot going on at work. New review for the collected Big Questions by Anders Nilsen! Which really deserves its own week anyway…

Update for 4/29/21

New review today for Zirp #6 by Till Thomas, which should be a great chance for you to catch up on your German if you know the language. If not, it comes with English translations, so don’t fret.