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Update for 5/12/22

New review today for Forever and Everything #8 by Kyle Bravo. Will I have time for reviews next week? Yeah, probably. You all know the drill by now, right? Even if I go away for a week or even two, I still come back, full of new comics to talk about.

Update for 5/10/22

Still scrambling a bit at work, but don’t fret, I still had time to get two reviews in the can for the week. Up today is Meditation Funnies #1 by M. Elias Hiebert!

Update for 4/29/22

It’s new King Cat day! New review for King Cat #81 yes that’s right #81 by John Porcellino. This will probably be it for reviews until after the election week, but here’s a little tip for you potential Ohio voters: turnout is WAY down this time around, probably having something to do with all the court challenges and the uncertainty of it all. So if you have an underdog you’d like to win a primary in this backwater state, get several of your friends together and vote! You’d have a real shot this time around.

Update for 4/27/22

New review today for Meeting Comics #20 by Andrew Neal, and this is going to conclude my weekly Meeting Comics reviews (missed weeks due to work and/or life not included). Andrew was nice enough to send along the next few issues, and don’t you fret, I will be getting to them, but I’m letting other comics pile up over here. So when I saw that the rest of the issues have their own titles (although technically they’re part of Meeting Comics), I decided to take that very slight excuse and run with it. Don’t get me wrong, these have been an ongoing delight, and I’ll most likely have everything else reviewed in the next few months regardless. Just keeping y’all updated is all…

Update for 4/25/22

Yep, the election killed another week of reviews, sorry about that! It’s probably going to happen next week too, but at least I managed to get three reviews done this week. New review today for Sludgy #4 by Robb Mirsky!

Update for 4/15/22

When last I talked about my weekly reviews for Meeting Comics, there was a bit of a cliffhanger in whether or not I’d be able to find my copy of #19 before I continued reviewing the series. Then I got busy at work and couldn’t post for a couple of weeks anyway. <cough> Um, anyway, Andrew was nice enough to send me another copy, so the mystery is resolved! Except that I still don’t know what happened to the original review copy he sent along, but that’s more of a cliffhanger for me, not you. New review today for Meeting Comics #19 by Andrew Neal!

Update for 4/13/22

New review today for Trashcan Private Eye by Rob Jackson. Just to be clear, he LIVES in a trash can. It’s not like he IS a trash can.

Update for 4/11/22

Sorry about missing a couple of weeks there! If you’re curious about why I’m so busy at work lately, google “Ohio Congressional Maps.” Hours of fun, and maybe an explanation about why somebody who works at the local Board of Elections has been spending a lot of time doing, re-doing and then re-re-doing stuff at work that’s supposed to be routine. New review today for Applewood Canyon #2 by Brian Canini!

Update for 3/24/22

Time for the weekly Meeting Comics review, this time for #18 (by Andrew Neal)! There are only two issues left in the Meeting Comics series proper as of this writing, and I’ve got some possible bad news on that front: I can’t locate #19. Meaning either that Andrew sent me #1-20 of this series and forgot #19, or meaning that I misplaced it. I’m betting on the second option, so I’ll do a bit of digging around before next week, but consider this a cliffhanger. Can the hapless reviewer locate the penultimate issue of Meeting Comics before his scheduled weekly review? Tune in some point next week to discover the answer!

Update for 3/22/22

New review today for Applewood Canyon #1 by Brian Canini, and yes, that’s another brand new series from the man. If anybody is wondering why I don’t give his comics the weekly review treatment like I’ve been doing for Meeting Comics lately, it’s because I’m terrified that Brian would actually be able to keep up with that schedule. The man’s prolific!

Update for 3/17/22

New review for Meeting Comics #17 by Andrew Neal, and there are only a few more of these suckers left for weekly reviews. In case anybody was wondering.

Update for 3/15/22

New review today for Nugget #2 by Tony DiPasquale, which is one of those comics that’s difficult to adequately explain, but I give it my best shot.

Update for 3/11/22

New review today for a returning favorite: Andros #9 by Max Clotfelter. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 3/9/22

It’s time for the weekly Meeting Comics by Andrew Neal review, and this time it’s #16! The stack of these comics to review is getting thin over here, so you’d better hop on this train now.

Update for 3/7/22

New review for Just Can’t Shake Your Memory by Rachel Scheer, and there will eventually be a quiz for the sample image I used in that review, so pay close attention…

Update for 2/23/22

New review today for Lemonade Tango #2 by Henry Uhrik, as he makes a fool out of me for suggesting that comics series sometimes don’t go past the first issue.

Update for 2/21/22

New review today for Meeting Comics #15, as why should I keep anybody in suspense from that kinda sorta cliffhanger last week? Oh, also I can see that I made a mistake in not writing a review for tomorrow, so here’s me writing 2/22/22 just because I can.

Update for 2/17/22

It’s weekly review time! New review today for Meeting Comics #14 by Andrew Neal.

Update for 2/15/22

New review today for The Haunted Hotel by Rob Jackson, and he’s clearly been busy during the pandemic, as he sent along two other new books as well. No weekly reviews for those suckers, as I tend to treat them like a fine wine that I’ll introduce sparingly, but they’ll still be reviewed in short order, don’t you fret.

Update for 2/9/22

New review today for Santos Sisters #1 by Fake and Greg Petre. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of those names isn’t real, but I’ll leave it to you to guess which one.