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Update for 1/10/19

New review today for Land of the Sons by Gipi. And thus concludes an unintentional week of reviews for artists with only a single name.

Update for 1/8/19

Happy new year! Yeah, I’m still here, but I’ve either been out of town for the holidays or stuck with a cold that just won’t quit, so sorry for the lack of reviews. New review today for Beyond a Cure by Fenta, another issue from the mini kus pile.

Update for 12/19/18

New review today for The Index #6: The Crowd by Caitlin Cass. If you’re wondering why there’s a second issue six in the series, please disregard the last one, per the artist.

Update for 12/17/18

New review today for Doghair by Ganmu. Rejoice, as this means more mini kus books have arrived!

Update for 12/13/18

New review today for Poochytown by Jim Woodring, and you should all drop whatever you’re doing and read it immediately.

Update for 12/11/18

It’s graphic novel review week! OK, fine, it’s only two reviews, but these are books you shouldn’t miss. Um, spoilers. New review today for Sabrina by Nick Drnaso.

Update for 12/7/18

New review today for The Fifty Flip Experiment #22 by Dan Hill, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 12/5/18

New review for After School Special by Dave Kiersh and, believe it not, I actually found time for three reviews this week, so there’s another one coming on Friday. Can you believe your luck?

Update for 12/3/18

New review today for My Pretty Vampire by Katie Skelly, which has already been out for awhile but hey, maybe you missed it like I did when it first came out. Now’s your chance to fix that mistake!

Update for 11/29/18

New review today for Goiter #3 by Josh Pettinger. If you look inside you might find Nazis! Of course, if you look outside you might also see Nazis, so maybe the novelty has worn off…

Update for 11/27/18

New review today for Stoner Alien by Pat Aulisio. Do you have all the comics that this guy has made since the mid 00’s? Because it’s entirely possible that I do…

Update for 11/22/18

New review today for Break the Cake by David Robertson and a bevy of other artists, happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Update for 11/20/18

New review today for Songs of the Field by Ryan Cecil Smith, and I’m also scheduling a review on Thanksgiving afternoon, just in case you were wondering if it was worth checking back in over the holiday for reviews. It is!

Update for 11/15/2018

New review today for Pre-History by Caitlin Cass!

Update for 11/13/18

Back to reviewing! Finally. Most of the rest of the nation did OK in their voting last week, but Ohio really needs to get their shit together. Another Republican governor? Seriously? Anyway, new review today for Womp Womp by Brandon Lehmenn. Send your comics along for review if you have new books out, I’m going to try to get lots of reviews up before the end of 2018. I may even go back to daily reviews for a bit, if I have the comics/free time for it…

“Update” for 11/5/18

Sorry, not really an update, and there probably won’t be one this week either. Regular readers know that I work in elections in Ohio for my day job (I know, somehow I can’t make a living writing reviews on an obscure website. Weird!), which has taken up all my free time lately. Regular reviews should be back next week, but please, if you’re reading this, vote tomorrow. VOTE!

Update for 10/18/18

New review today for Trolls by Michael Aushenker. And if you live in Ohio, you know that you can vote already, right? Early voting is every weekday from now through the election, so go do that.

Update for 10/16/18

New review today for Worms, Clouds, Everything by Lote Vilma Vitina. That wraps it up for the mini kus crop this time around, but don’t fret! They’re 70 issues in and have kept up a regular schedule for years, new issues will be here before you know it.

Update for 10/11/18

New review today for King Cat #78 by John Porcellino!

Update for 10/9/18

New review today for a returning old favorite (Pat Aulisio): Ghosted.