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Update for 11/27/18

New review today for Stoner Alien by Pat Aulisio. Do you have all the comics that this guy has made since the mid 00’s? Because it’s entirely possible that I do…

Update for 11/22/18

New review today for Break the Cake by David Robertson and a bevy of other artists, happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Update for 11/20/18

New review today for Songs of the Field by Ryan Cecil Smith, and I’m also scheduling a review on Thanksgiving afternoon, just in case you were wondering if it was worth checking back in over the holiday for reviews. It is!

Update for 11/15/2018

New review today for Pre-History by Caitlin Cass!

Update for 11/13/18

Back to reviewing! Finally. Most of the rest of the nation did OK in their voting last week, but Ohio really needs to get their shit together. Another Republican governor? Seriously? Anyway, new review today for Womp Womp by Brandon Lehmenn. Send your comics along for review if you have new books out, I’m going to try to get lots of reviews up before the end of 2018. I may even go back to daily reviews for a bit, if I have the comics/free time for it…

“Update” for 11/5/18

Sorry, not really an update, and there probably won’t be one this week either. Regular readers know that I work in elections in Ohio for my day job (I know, somehow I can’t make a living writing reviews on an obscure website. Weird!), which has taken up all my free time lately. Regular reviews should be back next week, but please, if you’re reading this, vote tomorrow. VOTE!

Update for 10/18/18

New review today for Trolls by Michael Aushenker. And if you live in Ohio, you know that you can vote already, right? Early voting is every weekday from now through the election, so go do that.

Update for 10/16/18

New review today for Worms, Clouds, Everything by Lote Vilma Vitina. That wraps it up for the mini kus crop this time around, but don’t fret! They’re 70 issues in and have kept up a regular schedule for years, new issues will be here before you know it.

Update for 10/11/18

New review today for King Cat #78 by John Porcellino!

Update for 10/9/18

New review today for a returning old favorite (Pat Aulisio): Ghosted.

Update for 10/4/18

New review today for Maud by Marlene Krause, another one of those dastardly mini kus comics. I don’t think I’m using that word correctly…

Update for 10/2/18

New review today for Last Chance For Love by Dave Kiersh, an old favorite.

Update for 9/20/18

New review today for Artema: The Exile #1 by Rachel Cholst and Angela Boyle. Hey, if you happen to have comics for sale in my store, please get in touch with me. I’ll be contacting everybody, but since the store barely works anyway, I’ve been thinking about shutting it down and getting your comics back to you. Meanwhile, if you want something from the store, I’d hurry. If all goes as planned I’ll shut that down by the end of the year…

Update for 9/18/18

New review today for Behind Thick Glass, I Saw the Stars by perennial favorite Rob Jackson. And I was so caught up in everything else that I didn’t even notice the website’s anniversary this year, so…. happy 17th anniversary to Optical Sloth a couple of months back! Thanks to anybody who’s been here from the beginning (assuming you exist), to new visitors, and to everybody who checks in to dig through the archive whenever they’re bored at work. I have no plans to quit any time soon, which is probably good news if you like the site! If you don’t, why are you reading this? Life’s too short. Thanks again everybody!

Update for 9/14/18

New review today for Lawns by Alex Nall, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 9/12/18

New review today for Weekend by Erlend Peder Kvam and, if that name wasn’t enough of a hint, it’s another one of the fabulous mini kus comics!

Update for 9/10/18

New review today for another one of the monthly Poopsheet comics, and this time around it’s Larva Pimp by David Miller. Should be a regular week of reviews around here (which is about 3 these days), so hey, you have that to look forward to!

Update for 9/4/18

The mini kus people are back! It’s always good to see the package with Latvian stamps arrive. New review for Day Tour by Mariana Pita!

Update for 8/28/18

New review today for Cats of the White House by Rachel Scheer and Danny Noonan!

Update for 8/22/18

New review today for Rest Stop Brochures for the Not-So-Distant Future by Caitlin Cass. That’s probably it for reviews this week, but keep those comics coming. I’m hoping to make this a more regular thing for a month or so before work takes over again…