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Update for 6/17/21

New review today for So Buttons! #11 by Jonathan Baylis and a gaggle of his artist chums.

Update for 6/15/21

New review today for Queen of the House by Grant Thomas. You know, I had a few plans for the 20th anniversary of the website (coming up in a couple of months, believe it or not), but it’s starting to look like none of them are going to be ready in time. And if there’s a more apt celebration for this particular website, I don’t know what it could be.

Update for 6/3/21

New review today for Rust Belt Review #1 by Sean Knickerbocker and about a half dozen other artists. Enjoy, anthology junkies!

Update for 6/1/21

New review today for Save It For Later by Nate Powell, which if I was dictator of the world I’d make everybody read. Of course, then this book would be protesting me, which might cause a time paradox of some kind.

Update for 5/28/21

New review today for Beastly by Ben Cherry, as I am ending the week with polar bears. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 5/26/21

New review today for The Tay Bridge Disaster by David Robertson, which may or may not be your favorite story of a bridge collapsing. Depends on where you live, I guess.

Update for 5/24/21

New review today for Forever and Everything #6 by Kyle Bravo! He’s the guy with the action star name who does diary strips about daily life and raising a family.

Update for 5/13/21

New review today for The Woodsman by Rob Jackson. Maybe it’s his opus? Nah, I think that guy has even bigger books in him. Just a theory!

Update for 5/11/21

New review today for Plastic People #7 by Brian Canini, and I’ve maybe reviewed more of his comics than anybody else over the years? I’ll have to do a count one of these days to see. The second guy I review this week is also pretty high up that list…

Update for 5/5/21

Only one review this week, as there’s an election going on. A very small one, granted, but it still means a lot going on at work. New review for the collected Big Questions by Anders Nilsen! Which really deserves its own week anyway…

Update for 4/29/21

New review today for Zirp #6 by Till Thomas, which should be a great chance for you to catch up on your German if you know the language. If not, it comes with English translations, so don’t fret.

Update for 4/27/21

New review today for the triumphant return of Matt H. in Miss Fortune! I do give some hints at who he is in the review, if you cannot rest until you solve the mystery of the H…

Update for 4/22/21

New review today for How About A Nice Big Cup Of Climate Grief? by Jep. It’s a real feel good story!

Update for 4/20/21

How about a nice peaceful comic to review! It’s Nibble #9: Meet Fish Boy! by Tom Cherry. In other news, I’ve been digging through my old stuff in the hopes of finding what’s left of a penny that my cat swallowed when she was a kitten (it’s a long story, but since she lived for 19 years after that I guess you could say things turned out OK). I’ve had no luck so far, but I am rediscovering all kinds of original art that people sent along with their review comics back in the day. Some of them aren’t even making comics anymore, but maybe I’ll start posting some images just for the heck of it.

“Update” for 4/18/21

Just a little note to let everybody know that I’m OK (I know that a pandemic is a bad time to vanish for a few weeks) and the reviews should start up again this week. My 20 and 1/2 year old cat Sassafrasquatch died a couple of weeks ago and, well, that stopped any motivation I had to write about comics. I tried a few times, but nothing came out. For anybody who’s been reading this website for all or most of its run, if you’re doing the math in your head, the 20 year anniversary of this site is coming up in August. That means that Sassafrasquatch was around for all of it, and I cannot count the number of times I’ve had to stop mid-review because she demanded to be picked up, or to be fed, or just that I stop doing anything other than pay attention to her. I’m trying to think of a way to eulogize her, as I sit here and wait for her ashes to be delivered (and I have no idea what I’m going to do with those), and I don’t know where to begin, and every time I try I start tearing up. She’s been one of very, very few constants in my life since my early 20’s, and now she’s gone. So yes, the comics reviews will start again, because I need all the distractions I can get. But if you notice that things are especially dour around here, at least now you’ll know that there’s a good reason for it.

Update for 3/25/21

New review today for In Your Next Life You Will Be Together With All Of Your Friends by Anders Nilsen. I also finally got around to getting the mammoth collected edition of his Big Questions series, so I’ll probably be rambling about that soon as well. It’s Andersmania!

Update for 3/23/21

Hey, did this website change fonts on me? Eh, I kind of like this one, so it’s fine. Always keep in mind that, despite almost 20 years running this site, I’m the technical equivalent of the people in post apocalyptic movies that stumble across a running power plant. As long as things keep humming, I’m fine. Any sudden changes, look out. Oh, and a new review today for Man Made Lake by Aidan Koch, which was sadly the last of the mini kus books. But don’t fret! Their website already has 4 new books available, so it’s only a matter of time before I get my grubby little paws on them…

Update for 3/17/21

New review today for Becoming Horses by Disa Wallander, which was a book that made me very happy. Um, spoilers?

Update for 3/15/21

New review for the penultimate (for now) comic from the mini kus pile: Pirate & Parrot by Lukas Weidinger.

Update for 3/3/21

New review today for King Cat #80 by John Porcellino. Yep, it’s a new King Cat alert!