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Update for 12/13/17

New review today for Apartment Number Three by Pascal Girard, which should help give you a whole new perspective on that one creepy neighbor. You know the one I’m talking about…

Update for 12/11/17

New review today for The Heap by Caitlin Cass, which should help make you think twice about any gigantic piles of assorted trash that you may see in your neighborhood.

Update for 12/7/17

New review today for Wag Rag #2, the second of the monthly mini comics that Poopsheet started up a few months back. It also came with a review zine for several other minis, and it’s been ages since I saw a printed review zine. Give them your money so that they keep doing this subscription service!

Update for 12/5/17

New review today for Ask a Cat Digest #4 by Charles Brubaker, and no, I also don’t know when it started being called a digest!

Update for 12/1/17

New review today for His Last Comic by Noah Van Sciver, which is also sadly the last of the current batch of mini kus books. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 11/29/17

New review today for Los Punkers by Jaime Crespo, a lost 24 hour comic!

Update for 11/27/17

I should have known better than to expect to write a regular week of reviews during the holiday, but here I am, back for a proper regular week. New review today for Daughter by Aidan Koch, another comic by those rascally mini kus folks!

Update for 11/15/17

New review today for Jonah 2017 by Tomasz Niewiadomski, another from the mini kus pile. That’s it for next week, in theory things should be calmer next week, barring a recount of some kind…

Update for 11/13/17

So about two weeks ago I meant to put up a note here, mentioning the upcoming election, saying how I’d be too busy to post updates but that all would be back to normal soon. In other words, that’s why I haven’t been around. This will be another busy week so there’s only time for a couple of new reviews, but luckily mini kus came to the rescue with some new books. New review today for Share the Love by Paula Bulling & Nina Hoffmann!

Update for 10/27/17

New review for The Complete Strange Growths 1991-1997 by Jenny Zervakis. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy, won’t you?

Update for 10/25/17

New review today for Trim #5 by Aaron Lange. Get lost kids, this one is for the adults.

Update for 10/23/17

New review today for A Witch Named Koko #7 by Charles Brubaker, and it’s looking like I’ll be in the market for more review comics soon, if anybody has anything new coming out soon and would like to get the word out a bit more…

Update for 10/20/17

New review today for Instruction Manual for Lonely Mountains by Nicola Gunn & MP Fikaris, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 10/18/17

New review today for Alien Lives by Joseph Hewitt, as once again the pile of the review comics shifted, revealing some forgotten comics. Surely you can all relate to such a thing!

Update for 10/16/17

New review today for The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard. Election time is coming up fast, so I may be more scarce than usual around here soon. But not this week!

Update for 10/12/17

New review today for A Carl Short: So Long My Sole Soul So Long by Marcos Perez. That’s right longtime readers and other people with excellent taste in comics, Carl has returned!

Update for 10/10/17

New review today for You & A Bike & A Road by Eleanor Davis, in what’s looking like a (shortened) week of reviews of comics by longtime favorites of mine. Not to give away the tone of the reviews or anything…

Update for 10/6/17

New review today for Busybody by Eli Bishop, which should be a familiar name to anybody who’s been reading this site since the early days. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 10/4/17

New review today for Ronq & Sceban & Shaus In Trouble! – A Plot Story by Neil Brideau. One of the very few actual comics I was able to get from the recent convention, not that I’m still bitter about being broke for it or anything…

Update for 10/2/17

Want to hear a great example of “white people problems?” Cartoon Crossroads Columbus was this weekend, and A. right before the con I noticed a late bank fee, which meant that I had approximately $0 dollars to spend on a con I’d been looking forwards to for months and B. even though I went anyway, I somehow managed to miss an entire room, as I realized much too late that there were about a half dozen people I was hoping to see again/meet that I missed entirely. I did have a few really great conversations, and I did get (very few) review comics, but oof, that was a lethal mix of terrible timing and a missed opportunity for me. Anyway, Jon Mastanuono (formerly Jon Drawdoer) was apparently at the con, and even though I missed him he was nice enough to mail me his recent comic a few weeks ago. So there’s a new review today for The Guest House by Jon Mastanuono, hope to see you next year Jon!