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Update for 9/18/18

New review today for Behind Thick Glass, I Saw the Stars by perennial favorite Rob Jackson. And I was so caught up in everything else that I didn’t even notice the website’s anniversary this year, so…. happy 17th anniversary to Optical Sloth a couple of months back! Thanks to anybody who’s been here from the beginning (assuming you exist), to new visitors, and to everybody who checks in to dig through the archive whenever they’re bored at work. I have no plans to quit any time soon, which is probably good news if you like the site! If you don’t, why are you reading this? Life’s too short. Thanks again everybody!

Update for 9/14/18

New review today for Lawns by Alex Nall, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 9/12/18

New review today for Weekend by Erlend Peder Kvam and, if that name wasn’t enough of a hint, it’s another one of the fabulous mini kus comics!

Update for 9/10/18

New review today for another one of the monthly Poopsheet comics, and this time around it’s Larva Pimp by David Miller. Should be a regular week of reviews around here (which is about 3 these days), so hey, you have that to look forward to!

Update for 9/4/18

The mini kus people are back! It’s always good to see the package with Latvian stamps arrive. New review for Day Tour by Mariana Pita!

Update for 8/28/18

New review today for Cats of the White House by Rachel Scheer and Danny Noonan!

Update for 8/22/18

New review today for Rest Stop Brochures for the Not-So-Distant Future by Caitlin Cass. That’s probably it for reviews this week, but keep those comics coming. I’m hoping to make this a more regular thing for a month or so before work takes over again…

Update for 8/20/18

Oof, sorry about that, work has been crazy lately. You may have read about it if you follow political news at all; I work in one of THOSE Ohio counties. Anyway, new review today for Ask a Cat #9 by Charles Brubaker.

Update for 7/30/18

Yep, still chairless over here, so still only sporadic reviewing. New review today for Concerted Efforts by Mohar Kalra, and once again I’ll try to get another crouching review or two up during the week.

Update for 7/23/18

Yep, I’m finally back! But it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t drama along the way: I have no chair for my computer desk, so I’m awkwardly typing this while sitting on the floor. Meaning reviews might be scarce for a bit until I get this sorted and, due to getting hit with a few hilarious financial setbacks after moving, that might be a few weeks. But I’ll still get sporadic reviews up, like the one today for Noble Head Funnies #6 by Edward Parker Bolman, another of the Poopsheet Foundation subscription comics, so look into that, won’t you? Meanwhile, if you live near the Columbus area in Ohio and have a decent computer chair you’re looking to get rid of, let me know and I can trade you for some comics…

Update for 6/28/18

New review today for Goiter #2 by Josh Pettinger, and I’m moving to the new apartment this weekend: 13 E. Winter St. Apt 1, Delaware, OH 43015. Send comics, I’m running low on review issues so there won’t be much lag time. If there’s a gap in reviews, it’s most likely because something has gone wrong with getting the internet working at the new place. That happens almost every time, so don’t be too alarmed if it happens this time too.

Update for 6/26/18

New review today for The Last Human Alive by Joseph Hewitt. The reviews this week are all done in advance because of my upcoming move, so my apologies if the world ended in the meantime. I mean, only if I’m somehow responsible for it, of course. The unchecked power of a small comics review website can be an awesome thing to behold.

Update for 6/22/18

New review today for Flocks by L. Nichols, whose comics I’ve been reading and reviewing here for years. So if you’re guessing I’m a fan, yep, you nailed that one. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 6/20/18

New review today for Little Stranger by Edie Fake, another of the many wonderful books put out by Secret Acres.

Update for 6/18/18

Sorry about yet another week without reviews, but you try organizing a move when you have this many comics to sort out. Oh, the problems I have, boo-hoo, woe is me. But yeah, if you want to send more comics for review, at this point I’d just hold off until I post the new address where I’ll be living on July 1st. New review today for Andros #7 by Max Clotfelter!

Update for 6/7/18

New review today for The Fifty Flip Experiment #23 by Dan Hill, which I am still trying to process.

Update for 6/5/18

New review for Down & Away by Katherine Wirick, who also sent along the third issue of Nervenkrank recently, so I’ll be reviewing that soon too. Everything’s coming up Wirick!

Update for 5/29/18

New review today for Goiter #1 by Josh Pettinger, and in another month I’m moving again, this time slightly north of Columbus to a town called Delaware. I’ll put up the new address when I’m getting closer to moving, but if you have review comics to send my way I’d recommend either sending them in the next week or so or holding off on sending them until the first week of July.

Update for 5/16/18

New review today for Spaboon by Chris Carlier, and this is most likely it for reviews on the week, but who knows, maybe if life cooperates I’ll manage another one on Friday…

Update for 5/14/18

New review today for Bald Knobber by Robert Sergel, and if you have comics to send my way for review, I’d recommend sending them in the next few weeks, as I’m going to be moving at the end of June. Yes, again. Anybody know a great place to live in either Columbus or Delaware (Ohio)?