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Update for 7/31/19

New review today for Trolls: Operation Great Wall by Michael Aushenker. Hey, guess what? I’ve been writing comic reviews on this website for 18 years now. Should I have more of a celebration than a random aside on a post that isn’t even a review? Eh, maybe. Thanks for reading along all these years, or months or days maybe! I’m still mildly annoyed that I don’t have any millionaire readers who are willing to bankroll this into a full time project, but what are you going to do.

Update for 7/29/19

New review today for So Buttons #8 by Jonathan Baylis and a gaggle of artists.

Update for 7/19/19

New review today for Andros #8 by Max Clotfelter. I should have probably gotten to this months ago, but it fell into the comics swallowing vortex that follows all reviewers around. Why else do you think it takes so long for certain comics to get reviewed?

Update for 7/17/19

New review today for Urscape #1 by William Cardini. What could possibly happen in a second issue of this series? Who knows!

Update for 7/15/19

New review today for Palm Tree by Grant Thomas, as there don’t seem to be any laws against reviewing an Easter comic in July.

Update for 7/11/19

New review today for Tortilla #5 by Jaime Crespo. If you’re around Columbus he’ll be here September 26th through 29th for Cartoon Crossroads this year. I’m still kicking myself for missing the one last year, and I won’t be making that mistake again…

Update for 7/9/19

New review today for The Ghost Pirate #1 by Michael Aushenker and Marcus Collar. Should I be making a pirate pun here? It feels like I should, but I’m going to resist that urge. You’re welcome!

Update for 7/5/19

New review today for Rodeo #1 by Evan Salazar, have a great weekend everybody!

Update for 7/3/19

New review today for The Rain is Slow Coming by Alex Nall, as “hey, all these comics have kids in them” week continues!

Update for 7/1/19

New review today for Things Parents Say to Kids by Steve Feldman. Sorry about the lack of reviews last week, real life can do that sometimes.

Update for 7/21/19

New review today for Pico #2 by Various Artists. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 6/19/19

New review today for So Buttons #9 by Jonathan Baylis and various artists. Hey, just in case I haven’t said this recently, I’m taking new comics for reviews. Little to no waiting! Unless everybody sends their comics at once, in which case never mind. But if only YOU send your comics…

Update for 6/17/19

New review today for Forever and Everything #4 by Kyle Bravo. And if you’re curious, yeah, you should probably watch Chernobyl on HBO. It’ll haunt your dreams, but it’s great.

Update for 6/13/19

New review today for House to House by Hironori Kikuchi, which is the last of the current pile of mini kus books. Ah, they go by so fast…

Update for 6/11/19

New review today for Hot Dog Taste Test by Lisa Hanawalt, but this is really just a sneaky excuse for me to recommend her Netflix show, Tuca & Bertie, to everybody who likes her work. She’s the head writer and it’s amazing; I know it’s easy to miss new shows on Netflix because they all come out so fast, but don’t let this one pass you by.

Update for 6/7/19

New review today for Motel Universe by Joakim Drescher, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 6/5/19

New review today for Look Back and Laugh: Journal Comics by Liz Prince. Since this book is a collection of her strips from 2016, she’s going to need a few new titles soon to cover the inevitable collections from 2017, 2018, 2019…

Update for 6/3/19

New review today for Oops by Rebeka Lukosus, another selection from the rapidly dwindling pile of mini kus comics.

Update for 5/30/19

New review today for a returning old favorite: Wolf’s Head Volume 1 by Von Allan.

Update for 5/28/19

New review today for Maunder by Paula Puiupo, another one from the mini kus pile. Back to my regular sporadic reviewing this week, but I’ll admit that it was fun talking about comics daily again. Oh mysterious and imaginary rich benefactor, when will you free me from this office job so that I can ramble about comics at my leisure? I’ll just be holding my breath over here…