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Update for 1/16/20

New review today for Becoming Unbecoming by Una. Another book from years ago, but hey, maybe you missed it.

Update for 1/14/20

New review for Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, which is roughly 7 years old. Why yes, I have been checking out some “best of the decade” lists, why do you ask?

Update for 1/8/20

New review today for The Audra Show #2 by Audra Stang. Place your bets for the first time I forget and put 2019 in the year! I’m guessing I don’t make it through the month…

Update for 1/6/20

First review of the new year, and it’s for a 2020 book, In Spite of Ourselves by Natalie Dupille. You don’t get that kind of service from most comics review websites! What’s that? Most review sites deal exclusively with only the newest and freshest books? Um, happy new year!

Update for 12/26/19

New review today for Vivisectionary by Kate Lacour. Is this the last review of 2019? Eh, maybe?

Update for 12/24/19

Yep, I’m sneaking in a couple of reviews in the holiday week, as their frequency has been slipping a bit lately. New review for Plastic People #4 by Brian Canini, as I’m still doing weekly reviews for his stuff while I have it. If you want the same treatment, send me a bunch of your comics. It’s easy!

Update for 12/13/19

New review today for So Buttons #10 by Jonathan Baylis and various artists, happy weekend everybody!

Update for 12/11/19

New review for Plastic People #3 by Brian Canini, as the Canini-mania continues after my missing reviews last week. Canini-palooza? Canini-opolous? Eh, I’ll come up with something…

Update for 12/9/19

New review today for Flights Grounded by Rachel Scheer and with stories from her family.

Update for 11/28/19

New review for Kids With Guns #1 by Alex Nall. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, and why yes, I did program this update automatically before today, as I’m not around. How did you guess?

Update for 11/26/19

New review today for Plastic People #2 by Brian Canini. What, you thought I was kidding when I said I’d be doing weekly reviews for the guy for a bit because of all the comics he sent along? Nope. This could also happen to you if you’re prolific and send me a bunch of books!

Update for 11/21/19

New review today for Bell Time by David Robertson. Time travel changes your tie!

Update for 11/19/19

New review for Plastic People #1 by Brian Canini, and since he sent along a few issues I’m going to be doing weekly reviews of this series for a bit.

Update for 11/15/19

New review today for Elemental Stars by Kevin Hooyman, another from the mini kus stack. They list this is as mini kus #82… which do you think will come first, mini kus #100 or the 20th anniversary of my website (roughly early August 2021)? Let the race begin!

Update for 11/13/19

New review today for Meat Grinder by Rob Jackson, who would have his own wing in this place if it was a mansion and not a website. Hey, who do I have to make a wish with to make that happen?

Update for 11/11/19

Long time readers may remember that I work for a Board of Elections, meaning that late October/early November are often dead times around the website. For the rest of you, my apologies for my sudden absence! I’m back now. New review today for Neverending Race by Liana Mihailova, another from the rapidly dwindling mini kus pile.

Update for 10/17/19

New review today for Artema #2: The Beast by Rachel Cholst & Angela Boyle. Or possibly Artema: The Beast #2. But I think I was right the first time.

Update for 10/15/19

New review today for The Brooklyner by Michael Aushenker, as this week I’m getting back to the mail bag.

Update for 10/11/19

New review today for Pinky & Pepper Forever by Ivy Atoms, and that’s it for this short week of Cartoon Crossroads reviews. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 10/9/19

New review for Couldn’t Afford Therapy So I Made This by Lawrence Lindell, another Cartoon Crossroads book.