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Update for 6/5/19

New review today for Look Back and Laugh: Journal Comics by Liz Prince. Since this book is a collection of her strips from 2016, she’s going to need a few new titles soon to cover the inevitable collections from 2017, 2018, 2019…

Update for 6/3/19

New review today for Oops by Rebeka Lukosus, another selection from the rapidly dwindling pile of mini kus comics.

Update for 5/30/19

New review today for a returning old favorite: Wolf’s Head Volume 1 by Von Allan.

Update for 5/28/19

New review today for Maunder by Paula Puiupo, another one from the mini kus pile. Back to my regular sporadic reviewing this week, but I’ll admit that it was fun talking about comics daily again. Oh mysterious and imaginary rich benefactor, when will you free me from this office job so that I can ramble about comics at my leisure? I’ll just be holding my breath over here…

Update for 5/24/19

New review today for My Troubles With Crumb #2 by Matt MacFarland. I did it! Five reviews in a week! Remember when I used to do that every week? Yikes, was that ever madness. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 5/23/19

New review today for Drawn to Berlin by Ali Fitzgerald. That’s right, it’s everything from hardcover graphic novels to tiny mini comics this week.

Update for 5/22/19

Mini kus comics are back! New review today for Junior by Alice Socal, the first of four new comics from them to arrive over the weekend.

Update for 5/21/19

New review today for Rust Belt by Sean Knickerbocker. It comes out today! Which might be a first for this website in terms of timeliness.

Update for 5/20/19

OK, I’m trying something different but familiar this week: five reviews! It’s been awhile, but I think I have my schedule worked out so that a daily update is possible this week. Come along for the ride and see if I’m right! New review today for School Approved by Alex Nall.

“Update” for 5/12/19

This is looking like a busy week coming up (as was the last one, which explains the lack of updates), so I might not be able to get any reviews up until next week. I do have some comics here to review, it’s just that real life is getting in the way. As always, any eccentric millionaires out there who want to give me a pile of money so I don’t lose all those hours to an office job every week, let me know!

Update for 5/2/19

New review today for Zonzo by Joan Cornella. It’s what the world needs now!

Update for 4/30/19

New review today for Merchants by Rob Jackson. Somehow I managed to miss SPACE again this year, so if anybody has new comics from the convention that they’d like to send along for review purposes, please feel free.

Update for 4/24/19

New review for Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels, whose middle name I misspelled all along, starting maybe 15 years ago. My apologies, and to make it up to him everybody should buy this utterly unique science fiction graphic novel.

Update for 4/22/19

It’s unintentional science fiction graphic novel week! What can I say, it just worked out that way. New review today for On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden.

Update for 4/11/19

New review today for My Troubles With Crumb #1 by Matt MacFarland, which he was nice enough to send my way after I expressed curiosity. And people say there are no benefits to being an unpaid comics reviewer!

Update for 4/9/19

New review for The President Killed My Dog #2 by Chris Kostecka & Dietrich Smith.

Update for 3/28/19

New review today for Defiling the Literati by Alex Schumacher, which is as good a time as any to say: hey, do you make comics about politics? Send them my way! I’m always happy to see more that actually take real world concerns into account.

Update for 3/26/19

New review today for Dodo Comics #5 by Grant Thomas, as it’s back to the mini comics after a week of fancy graphic novels.

Update for 3/22/19

New review today for Kid Gloves by Lucy Knisley! Yes, I know I reviewed two of her books this week, but they were both too amazing not to talk about, so I really had no choice, if you think about it. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 3/20/19

For all of you readers who have been around a decade or more, this one has been a long time coming indeed: new review today for Smile by Raina Telgemeier.