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Update for 11/13/19

New review today for Meat Grinder by Rob Jackson, who would have his own wing in this place if it was a mansion and not a website. Hey, who do I have to make a wish with to make that happen?

Update for 11/11/19

Long time readers may remember that I work for a Board of Elections, meaning that late October/early November are often dead times around the website. For the rest of you, my apologies for my sudden absence! I’m back now. New review today for Neverending Race by Liana Mihailova, another from the rapidly dwindling mini kus pile.

Update for 10/17/19

New review today for Artema #2: The Beast by Rachel Cholst & Angela Boyle. Or possibly Artema: The Beast #2. But I think I was right the first time.

Update for 10/15/19

New review today for The Brooklyner by Michael Aushenker, as this week I’m getting back to the mail bag.

Update for 10/11/19

New review today for Pinky & Pepper Forever by Ivy Atoms, and that’s it for this short week of Cartoon Crossroads reviews. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 10/9/19

New review for Couldn’t Afford Therapy So I Made This by Lawrence Lindell, another Cartoon Crossroads book.

Update for 10/7/19

Well, obviously my plan to talk about Cartoon Crossroads comics last week fell apart, meaning that’s what this week is about! All comics reviewed this week came from the con, after that I’ll just be sprinkling them in with the other comics reviewed. Don’t worry, I’ll still mention which books I got at the con so you can feel shame about not coming. New review today for The Audra Show #1 by Audra Stang!

“Update” for 9/26/19

OK, this week has obviously gotten away from me, but there’s still time for a reminder to anybody near the Columbus Ohio area: Cartoon Crossroads is this weekend! There’s a ridiculous lineup of artists attending, meaning that I should have comics to review for awhile after that. Come see the show!

Update for 9/18/19

New review today for Persephone’s Garden by Glynnis Fawkes, which is the last of the Secret Acres books I had left to review.

Update for 9/16/19

New review today for I Couldn’t Stop by Powerpaola, as the mini kus books have returned! Also happy birthday Kathie!

Update for 9/12/19

New review today for Double Dip #2 by Dale Martin and Tom Cherry. Each one of them covers half of the comic, in case you were wondering.

Update for 9/10/19

New review today for I Like Totally Know What You Did Last Summer by Sarah Romano Diehl and Brandon Lehmann.

Update for 9/6/19

New review today for So Buttons: Slice of Cake by Jonathan Baylis and a gaggle of artists. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 9/4/19

New review today for Wolf’s Head #2 by Von Allan. Everybody have all your travel plans for Cartoon Crossroads in a few weeks sorted out?

Update for 9/2/19

New review today for Hippo Ocracy by Chris Kostecka and The Yuan Twins (Matt and John). Hippos and crocodiles? Pick a side!

Update for 8/29/19

New review today for Survive 300,000,000 Volume 1 by Pat Aulisio. Is that the highest number in a comic title that I’ve reviewed in the 18 years I’ve been doing this? I’ll leave that to the historians to figure out.

Update for 8/27/19

New review today for Voles of the Dusk: Scum Hive by Joseph Hewitt. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve almost put “Duck” in that title…

Update for 8/15/19

Kelly Froh has a new graphic novel out! New review today for her Walking Uphill.

Update for 8/13/19

New review today for Sportsbar, New York Part 1 by Martin Pohl. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this recently, but it never hurts to repeat myself: I’m running very low on review comics, and I’m going to stock up at Cartoon Crossroads here in Columbus at the end of September. Meaning that now is your window if you have stuff you’d like reviewed!

Update for 8/8/19

New review today for Novelty by Mohar Kalra.