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Update for 6/26/17

Since I’m obviously still flailing a bit with my interest level in comics these days, I thought I’d do something different for a couple of weeks. Brian Canini just sent me the complete run (13 issues) of his Ruffians series. Somehow I had only reviewed the first seven of them here up until now, so I’m going to post those reviews on the front page again and then spend next week reviewing all the issues I never got to. I’ll add new comments to the reviews when it seems necessary, but hey, most shows are in summer reruns anyway, so think of these reviews like that. And if you’ve never read them, they might as well be new reviews, right? Reviews today for Ruffians #1 and #2 by Brian Canini!

Update for 6/7/17

Hey everybody, there’s a new King Cat out! New review today for King Cat #77 by John Porcellino.

Update for 6/5/17

Sorry about yet another long gap between reviews, but I clearly need a comics muse in the worst way right now. If all goes according to plan when I get paid on Friday I’m going to give John Porcellino’s Spit and a Half catalog a whole pile of cash to get a bunch of comics. You should too! That complete Strange Growths by Jenny Zervakis looks indispensable. Oh, and there’s a new review today for SnowCone City: Rocket to Pluto by Joseph Hewitt. Still with full Korean translation included if you only speak Korean or are trying to learn!

Update for 5/18/17

New review for the last of the current batch of mini kus books, Bad Ball by Samplerman. No reviews tomorrow, so happy weekend everybody!

Update for 5/17/17

New review for Rock Thoughts Volume Two by Caitlin Cass. If you’re a completionist who refuses to read a series out of order, I’m pretty sure the first volume dealt with a different rock, if that helps…

Update for 5/15/17

New review today for Yellow by Liva Kandevica, the penultimate mini kus comic that I was sent recently. If only they couldn’t somehow increase their already ridiculous production schedule and put these things out weekly!

Update for 5/11/17

New review today for Acquisition by Catia Serrao, another from the mini kus pile. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 5/10/17

New review today for My Life in Records #5: Not Ashamed by Grant Thomas. If you’ve been reading this site for years, that is a name that should be fairly familiar to you by now.

Update for 5/8/17

And lo, a new batch of mini kus comics did arrive to break me out of my comics funk! I can always count on that crew randomly seeming to know when I need a little boost by showing me some amazing international art. New review today for Mirror Stage by Jaakko Pallasvuo.

Update for 5/3/17

New review today for The 50 Flip Experiment #19 by Dan Hill, an old favorite around these here parts. I’m out of comics (and time) for the week, so will I get a comic next week that restores my faith in the medium? Or will I lose interest in comics forever and start selling life insurance? Tune in next week to find out what happens!

Update for 5/1/17

Does it feel like this website is running out of steam? Yeah, I’m feeling that way too right now. In the past I’ve just needed a really great comic or two to keep myself motivated, and I’m sure there are some of those that will get here any day now. Yep, any day. New review today for A Witch Named Koko #10 by Charles Brubaker.

Update for 4/19/17

New review today for Magic Whistle #3.3 by Sam Henderson and pals and yes, that’s it for the reviews this week. I’m going to see if I can dig up some old comics that I never got around to reviewing last week, assuming no review comics come in…

Update for 4/17/17

Sorry about the lack of reviews again last week, things are a bit crazy around here at the moment. New review today for How to be Human Day One by Joseph Hewitt! And I’ve mentioned that there’s no waiting list for review comics at the moment, right? So if you have comics and like people to ramble about them, that’s what I do here!

Update for 4/6/17

It’s the end of the big monster theme week! This time it’s At The Shore by Jim Campbell, with a monster you just might be able to spot on the cover, if you take a very close look at the swells in the ocean…

Update for 4/4/17

New review for another comic with giant monsters, this one being the most obvious one of the bunch: Giant Fiend Comics by Aaron Norhanian.

Update for 4/3/17

New review today for Konehedz #4 by Mark Velard, and it looks like there’s an accidental theme week here: it’s giant monsters week! Which wasn’t intended, but all the comics I grabbed to review this week just so happened to have at least a few giant monsters in them, so ta-da! Theme week.

Update for 3/30/17

New review today for Zugwang?! #3 by Willard Herman. Happy weekend everybody!

Update for 3/28/17

New review for SnowCone City #3 by Joseph Hewitt. Oddly, no giant robots in this one.

Update for 3/27/17

New review today for Death in Oaxaca #3 by Steve Lafler. Hey, that theme week was fun. Anybody else have 3-5 issues of a comic series that they’ve made but haven’t been reviewed here yet? Or maybe there’s just a series that fits that description that you really like? Send me some comics! Or just tell me about it and maybe I’ll buy it myself.

Update for 3/23/17

It’s the end of Rob Jackson week, and today is the review for the final issue of Flying Sausage Academy, #4! No sausages went flying during the course of this series. Um, spoiler alert.