Trudgeon, Pete – The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

This is a pretty huge mini comic for $1.50. It’s the story of a sad comedian who talks to all sorts of folks (a clown, a dummy, and Groucho Marx) in an effort to find out more about comedy and more about himself. Is it nitpicky to mention a few spelling and grammar errors in a 46 page comic? Thought so. Solid, neat art, if a little sketchy on a few of the side shots of characters, but overall pretty good. It’s a fascinating story too. He does a great job with the Groucho character, although in my mind no one but Groucho has ever gotten it completely right. And he forgot to mention Bill Hicks in his list of comedians, but maybe that’s why it’s his list of comedians and not mine. Overall a good story, worth a look if you’re interested in some theories of why people laugh. Send him some money at: P.O. Box 1514 Royal Oak, MI 48068.

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