Hon, Anthony – Jack and Lucky #2


Jack and Lucky #2

Quick, what’s Anthony selling with that cover? Not that I begrudge him his constitutional right to draw beautiful, shapely women or anything, but a little bit of subtlety never killed anybody. Strangely enough, the inside of the comic is mostly about Jack and his job, which involves coming up with new ideas for video games. He also gets the recap of what happened to him when he almost drowned in the last issue, and at the end of a crappy day he gets asked out by Luna, that girl on the cover. I might have mentioned this before, but his art is damned near flawless. He skimps out on a background or two in certain panels, but you could only say that if you expect lavish backgrounds in every panel. As it is, more often that not there’s a lot going on in the background, and I’m just floored by the sheer talent of this guy. What about the story? Oh yeah, the story. It’s building, is all I can say about it right now. Looks like there’s more than the obvious to Luna, and things might heat up at work, and what the hell is up with the giant cat? For a book this gorgeous, I’m content to sit back for a few more issues and wait for the story to develop. Contact info is up there, it’s $2, buy these now before he’s tremendously famous!

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