Huizenga, Kevin – Supermonster #7


Supermonster #7

Here’s another review of an old comic, as this one is from 1998 (or at least I think it is, it’s not like most minis bother to mention the publication date) and I’m writing this review in early 2010.  Once again, I don’t think this is available anywhere outside of an old bargain bin at one of the few good comic stores, assuming you’d even be lucky enough to find something like this is one of them.  It’s also hard not to notice that my reviews on this page were the length of haiku’s, as I apparently hadn’t yet mastered the art of rambling about nothing and filling space.  As you can see from the fact that I haven’t even mentioned the comic yet, I’d say that I have developed some serious “skills” in that regard.  This is the story of a walk.  Sounds simple enough, and would be dull as hell in less skilled hands, but Kevin manages to make it engrossing.  Kevin has recently moved to a new neighborhood, so he wanders out early one morning to get the lay of the land.  Along the way he stops and notices the little things: voices through screen doors, wind whistling through the grass, kids on playgrounds, birds tweeting from wires, a hint of shampoo on the breeze.  You really have to fight against the sense of calm you get from reading one of his books, assuming that you have something against calm.  I still think that he reached a ridiculously high level with later issues of this series that he hasn’t quite reached by #7, but it’s still better than an awful lot of the other minis out there.  If you can find this anywhere, you could probably get it for a couple of bucks.

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