Isy – Morgenmuffel #13


Morgenmuffel #13

If anybody was wondering if Isy was capable of putting together a great book of (mostly) one story, well, the answer is yes. She took a 3 month trip with her boyfriend from London all the way to Seoul, with stops on the way at all kinds of places. She has interviews with some of the more interesting people that she met in long text form, otherwise it’s just a whole pile of things that happened to her and/or impressions of all the things that she saw. In other words, it’s very much a comic with a story to tell, and she tells it very well.Other than her main story she has a couple of smaller pieces dealing with babies, cooking and bicycling, but the main story here is the fact that she was on a train for a combined 356 hours before all is said and done. Well, it is to me, anyway. All kinds of fascinating stuff here, told with somebody who has some obvious enthusiasm for traveling and seeing new things.This one is probably a couple of bucks, contact info is up there and if you’re just looking to get one issue of this series to try it out, I’d try this one…

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