Isy – Morgenmuffel #16


Morgenmuffel #16

More tales from Isy as she tries in some way to slow down the destruction of the planet, and this time we even get to take a close look at protesters at the G8 summit. Harrassment by the cops, trying to feed over a thousand people at a time, dealing with the elements and trying to get a meaningful protest in anywhere, all good times. She also talks about a horticultural show (as Isy is apparently quite the cook, more on that later), Climate Camp 2007 (the Camp from the previous year was discussed in the last issue), pancakes, tv shows (the good ones at least), beech trees, and whisky. If you’re not terrified enough about the looming effects of global warming she also has a handy chart showing how it’s all going to go to crap over the next century or so. One of the highlights of this book was all the hate. Various people had lists of things they hated most in the world, and it was a diverse enough group of folks to make for a fun read. Oh, and in regards to the cooking thing, Isy has put out a huge (258 pages) vegan cookbook, and that’s even something a meat eater like me would be curious to see. Hey, healthy eating is healthy eating, and the only thing stopping me from eating more vegan dishes is the lousy tastes I invariably seem to run across. Here’s a website where you can pick that up, or probably just e-mail her at the link up at the top of the page for more details… $2

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