Jackson, Rob – A Km of Dummy Torpedoes


A Km of Dummy Torpedoes

You’re not likely to see many comics that are more of a labor of love than this one. There’s nothing resembling a story, instead there’s 28 pages of random drawings. Some are in full, stunning color, other are black in white, with various stages of complexity involved. Every copy has the order of the images altered, with different ones thrown in, so every issue would be different from every other issue. I’m guessing that every issue isn’t hand-drawn (it just doesn’t seem possible) but this sure LOOKS like it was drawn on paper and pasted on the page. It’s impossible to review as there’s no story and whatever story there might changes with every issue, but it’s a truly gorgeous book to have laying around, I can say that much. It’s listed at 2.50 euros, so kudos to you if you know what that means in American dollars…

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