Brodowski, John – Curio Cabinet #1


Curio Cabinet #1 Now Available! $2

Before I get started, this is John’s first comic and he’s looking to get in touch with other comics folks, so if some of the “elder statesmen”would click on the link above that picture and get in touch with the guy, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. While I doubt that “elder statesmen” (whoever they are) even read the site, anybody that could offer advice would be appreciated. Not that I think he needs the help, as this is an incredible first effort. The first story in here (all wordless, or at least it doesn’t use real words) is about an old man hanging onto life, his blank, featureless child (?), and the horrors that are the rest of the family. Next up is a whole bunch of two page spreads, or “pin-ups”, as they were formerly called, at least for the type of person who would rip up their comics to put a two page spread on their wall.Anyway, the last story here is about a picnic and a creature that crashes the party. If these descriptions sound a bit droll to you, that’s my fault. There are some horrific images in here, the early work of what looks like a demented creative mind which, of course, I mean in the best possible sense. I’m guessing this is a couple of bucks, well worth a look if you like your comics a little bit odd…

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