Jordan, Rusty – Moulgar Bag Digest #1 (with Brent Harada)


Moulgar Bag Digest #1 (with Brent Harada)

Ah, the wonders of the random submissions. This didn’t come with any sort of note or contact information (except the address on the envelope) and yes, the cover really is as fuzzy as it looks. My best guess is that this is called Before the Fall, but if Rusty or anybody wants to correct me I’ll be happy to fix this. This is essentially a sketchbook, although it’s probably vaguely insulting to call images this richly realized “sketches”. The images are sort of a cross between Pat Aulisio and Matt Kish, but these dozen pages or so make it clear that Rusty is very much doing his own thing. It’s intriguing and more than a little bit haunting regardless, well worth seeking out for those of you who stick around comics for the purely visual, slightly bizarre side of things. Which is certainly a category I fall into, as well as many, many other places. As for price, well… $2? Or $3? Somewhere in there.

Note from 6/5/08: Title fixed and other artist added, so everything should be accurate…

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