Kelly, Tim – Free Summer Franks II


Free Summer Franks II

It might just be my imagination, but I think this one is much bigger than the first one. If it’s not, maybe it just seems that way because not a page goes by without some serious destruction and hijinx, which is fine with me. I mostly think you’re better off going into this book blind and having all the random stuff just smack you in the face, but it’s my duty to tell you what this is about, so if you’d rather be surprised, stop now, check out the contact info and go on your merry way. You’ve been warned! In here you’ll find 19 year old Coke bottles, clubbing, cannibal tuna, that one shark from that one old cartoon (you’d know it if you saw it), talking horns, a great neck, and a pokemon battle. Riveting drama it ain’t, but it’s funny, so what more can you ask? $2.50 PPD!

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