Kiersh, Dave – You’re Great


You’re Great

Eek! Sorry about the way my scanner interpreted that cover. This is kind of a rough print of this comic, as Dave is going to try and get a Xeric grant to get it done right, but I think you can still go to his website and request it. It’s a different perspective from his usual comics as this one is written by his girlfriend (or maybe just “female friend”, I don’t know). It’s the story of a girl and a boy who meet in high school. The boy loses touch with reality more and more all the time and the girl has to come to grips with her feelings for him while he slowly goes insane. That’s all you get from me about this as you should all check it out yourselves, as is the case with all his work. I’d guess it’s somewhere between $3-5, and if anybody from Xeric happens to read this page, give this man some love! He’s one of those people that I could see calling “comic genius” in a few years (and am close to calling him that now but don’t want to give him an ego or anything), so give him lots of money to make this comic look nice!

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