King, David – Horse! & Rider #1


Horse! & Rider #1

Three cheers for random funny books! I think I’ve heard of David King from other Chicago people (or he has a name that sounds like another name, it’s hard to tell with a memory as bad as mine), but I had no idea what to expect going into this. Oh, I should also mention that the book is a light yellow color, not white, but I figured I didn’t need to use up so much space to make it yellow. Executive decision! Anyway, the story in here has nothing to do with a horse or its rider. Instead it’s about a man who decides that , in order to make something of his life, he needs to start stealing pies. I’ll say no more, as it’s too short to go into at any kind of length without ruining stuff, but I will say that I plan on using the word “Piebag” a lot more than I used to, which was never. Check out his website by clicking on the title, or go here to see what the second story in the book is about. It’s $1.50 and absolutely worth it, you can also e-mail him if you’re already sold…

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