Parkhill (Kitley), Corey Marie – Life’s So Rad #6


Life’s So Rad #6

The comic in this one reads just like a sitcom, which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your tastes. Corey’s boyfriend Justin has invited his mother over for dinner, causing Corey no end of stress. Justin agrees to take a cooking class for dinner because Corey has too much other stuff going on, only to break down and take the “How to be a Jedi” class instead. Wacky! Seriously though, it’s not a bad book. I think she must live in a hermetically sealed room, because there are almost no backgrounds to speak of (and I know they take a long time to put in there, but it really helps to flesh out the feel of a book). The rest of the book is zine format, with movie reviews (I still don’t get why so many people didn’t like The Two Towers that much), CD reviews (where I get to feel like an old man because I used to keep up on that stuff), and tips for living cheaply. I’m 29 and have been living cheaply for years, so I already knew the things they were talking about, but there’s all kinds of good tips in here for the young’uns. Oh, and there’s also a “do it yourself” guide to Valentine’s Day. This issue is from last year, but I’m reviewing it at a good time for that to come in handy. $2, contact info is down there…

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