Lapaix, Juan – Esoteric Hunters #1


Esoteric Hunters #1

Just yesterday I was begging to read a crappy book, as I had read nothing but good stuff for a long time and was afraid that I was going soft. Well, this is a crappy book. It’s half of a split book with Faire, reviewed a bit further down. What’s this about? Well, have you seen the movie Blade? Do you remember the scene with the vampires dancing in the spray of blood from the sprinkler system? Substitute werewolves in for vampires, and you have this issue. Oh, and somebody named Cristopher in the role of Blade. Yes, it really is that simple. The art’s not terrible, although it’s one of those “boobs a’plenty” artists (which is odd, considering that Michelle, the artist, is probably female). The writing is pretty much the cliched stuff that you’d expect from a movie ripoff, with the added bonus that the grammar is terrible and punctuation is nonexistent. Look, I always try to say something nice about the comics I review, but there really isn’t much positive here. The stories might be going somewhere, I guess, but they’ve both gotten off to such a terrible start that I don’t really care where they’re going. They should (if they want my advice) consider this a learning experience and start on their next project. Here’s a website, check out their stuff for yourself.

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