Lapp, Dave – Window #6


Window #6

This is the trouble with picking only the latest issue of a series when you’re picking out stuff on the indispensible USS Catastrophe site. Chances were pretty good that I wouldn’t be entirely sure what was going on. This is an autobiographical strip, or at least it appears that way, about Dave going through an old journal, having a conversation with a couple of kids about angels and a man getting his head smashed on the steet, Dora (one of said kids) getting teased and harrassed at an art center, and a conversation Dave had with a student in his art class. Unless I read that last part wrong and he’s not an art teacher at all. It doesn’t matter. This is as honest and heartfelt a comic as I’ve seen in a while, and another one of those where I feel the need to go back and catch up with what I’ve been missing here, and there’s no greater compliment to a book. Oh, and he seems to be friends with Chester Brown, which can never be a bad thing. If you like the autobio stuff as much as me, this is something that you’re not going to want to miss. $2

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