Lasky, Dave – Boom Boom #4


Boom Boom #4

Hey look, a flip book!  Are you allowed to do that if you’re the only person involved?  Well, Dave sure thought so back in 1994.  There are plenty of interesting stories in this one, mostly largish biography pieces.  The first side of the flip (the sampled cover) deals with the story of John Lee Hooker, a legendary blues man if you didn’t know, and how he slowly rose up and made money singing the blues, even with his unique style.  Following this is a story of Dave as a young artist learning his craft, trying to anticipate where he should go with his answers and picking up a lot through it.  Once you flip the book over there’s a dense, thickly black (just a mildly different artistic style) tale of Pablo Picasso in a quiet time, telling the story of his early years to a woman he’s just met.  Finally there’s an utterly random piece detailing the adventures of the Iron Duke fighting his way free against a giant eyeball.  It manages to be short enough to stay funny and still packed enough to tell a very quick story.  Sure it’s a parody, but he manages to keep the story logically consistent, and that’s no small feat.  Again, this is almost certainly out of print for those of you without time machines, but it is worth seeking out if you have resources, or one of those rare comic book stores in your area that has old mini comics available.  Or do those places only exist in my head?

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