Lex, Jason – Gypsy Lounge #1


Gypsy Lounge #1

First off, as far as production goes, wow. This guy must be independently wealthy or something. It looks professional as hell (I think I noticed one spelling error), he did a great job with it. The comic itself is one of the busiest I’ve seen, with countless little panels inside of the bigger ones. This worked for the parts with the insane super hero, but mostly seemed confusing in the rest of it. And the characters all suffer from a certain sameness. Not necessarily the characters, I should clarify, but the look of the characters. The insane man in the beginning looked suspiciously like the daughter of another superhero later, for example. Still, the story was intriguing, about some different heroes and villains, although we don’t really know much about them yet. Maybe the drawing style would get obnoxious after a few issues (or maybe it would grow on me, who knows), but past that it’s definitely worth a look. No website or e-mail address that I could see, which is odd these days, but go ahead and send $3 to P.O. box 264 Pgh, PA, 15230-0264 if you’re curious. Here’s an example of those busy pages…

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