Limacher, Rick – Energons #53 (written by Sherman Burnett)


Energons #53 (written by Sherman Burnett)

Ick. Sorry, I like to be as diplomatic as possible about these reviews, but this was just awful. Granted, it’s #53 in a series (which is impressive all by itself) and I’m missing most of the backstory here, but the fact that I didn’t care about it at all should tell you something. This is the story of a very, very gay team of superheroes (I’m talking about costumes here, and I mean “gay” in the schoolyard insult sense, not in the ordinary human being sense) and a guy in jail. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if there was a decent piece of dialogue anywhere to be found. What I kept thinking while I was reading it (and it’s tiny, so it’s not like it took me too long) was that this book would probably be really cool if it had one of those old radio show soundtracks behind it. You know, where the music would swell at the appropriate moments? But it didn’t, so it wasn’t. Cool, that is. Here’s an address, it’s $.50: 210 Wayne St. Monticello, KY 42633. I had to make this sample huge so you could see the awful dialogue…

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