Madson, Justin – Breathers #1


Breathers #1

Cheers for a new series from Justin, one that I have a serious chance of keeping up with! Jeers for Justin also putting out a #0 of this series, meaning that this isn’t technically the first part of the series and, seeing as how I haven’t looked for #0 in a series since the early 90’s, I’m already behind. Ah well, it’s Happy Town all over again, although it looks like Justin is finally putting that story into collected editions, letting all of us absentminded types catch up on that saga. This first issue has all the makings of a story I can really get into: a vast array of characters, with more coming next issue, all with their own problems, all put together in one as yet vaguely defined situation. In this case it’s a town of people living in a world (or maybe just a town) where a breather is required for walking around outside, as apparently the air is fatal to anybody who breathes it unassisted. There’s a single mother who’s desperate to get the money she needs to take care of her little girl, the little girl who has an imaginary pet dragon, a crooked detective who’s busting the local drug dealer (who puts the drugs in the breathers) just to take his drugs, a shy guy at a coffee shop who is able to get a phone number, and a young woman who can, mysteriously, breathe outside without the aid of a breather. Justin clearly knows a thing or two about pacing and setting up a story, and I’m hooked already after one issue. This time around I’ll keep better track of this, maybe even pick up some issues outside of SPACE. It’s $5 but it’s a hefty book, well worth a look.

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