Martin, Jason – Laterborn #5


Laterborn #5

Mini comics 101, that’s what you’ll find here. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing in my book, or at least it’s not when you have something interesting to say. Jason packs this little thing with autobiographical stories about growing up, falling into and out of friendship with a girl, peepholes, suicide, bike soccer, and a crappy data entry job. Nothing in here will set the world on fire, but it’s a solid mini, the kind of thing you’d read and then forget what was in it a couple of days later. I don’t mean to crap all over this or anything, the art is solid enough and there are a few genuinely touching moments in here, but if you’re one of those people (that I just made up in my head) who only buy comics from up and coming superstars who are setting the world on fire, thus far you can probably skip this series. But who knows if he keeps at it… $2

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