McFalls, Jerell – Battles of Paradise #2



Battles of Paradise #2

I’m going to cheat a little bit on this one: if you haven’t read the review for #1, start there.  I ramble more than a little bit, but there are some possibly useful pieces of advice and criticism.  Sadly, not much has improved with this issue, as there are still spelling errors all over the place and the basic construction of the comic is awful (you can see a good chunk of the comic on the right side of the cover).  What’s the point on dwelling on what’s wrong with it?  Granted, most things are wrong with it, but he does introduce a new character in this issue and it seems like the female lead has more than a few mysteries to reveal.  The trouble is that most people aren’t going to have the patience to find those promising nuggets amidst all the crappy parts.  I said before that I was hoping to see how things improved, now I have a much tougher request: I want to see a comic that is properly put together (no words or characters disappearing off the edges) and with no spelling errors (yes, that includes knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your”).  It’s not too much to ask, and at least then I could get a good handle on the story and figure out exactly what’s going on here.  I’m so distracted by the nonsense that I could barely even tell what was going on.  Still no price, still probably a couple of bucks, and I’d still hold off until he gets his act together.  I do think it’s possible, otherwise I wouldn’t be going on like this…


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