Mejias, John – Paping #9

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Paping #9

Sometimes it’s an anthology, sometimes it’s a regular comic book. I swear, you’d think people would make their books with me in mind, hoping to easily categorize them. This is another good one, and it’s all by John. It’s the short story of his bike getting stolen, and the army of children he recruited in the hopes of getting it back… before realizing that he’d created a monster. Dramatic noise! Seriously, I love the smell of this book, and that’s not something I can say about too many of these. It’s printed on construction paper and it just has that early grade school type of smell to it. I say a lot of random things on this page, I’m aware of that, but I have the feeling that everybody will be able to get what I’m talking about with that reference. The art is gorgeous (my scanner doesn’t really do it justice) and I have no idea how he does it without hand-painting every issue. Silk screening, maybe? Whatever the case, it’s short, but it looks (and smells!) great. $3, contact info is up there.

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