Mills, Scott – The Final Curtain


The Final Curtain

More old minis from Scott, one of those rare artists who got me interested (and KEPT me interested) in this small press nonsense to begin with.  This one is a straight-up science fiction tale, telling the story of a young man who comes from a race so long-lived that he was a mere child at eight millenia.  He is given a tour of a certain part of the universe, learns that free will is the key to everything, eventually finds out that the end of the universe is coming, and it’s inescapable.  Instead of accepting that conclusion, he uses his science to try and escape from the universe as we know it, and Scott was nice enough to put his story into a comic book.  Or possibly he made it all up, as writers usually do.  Anybody with a halfway decent screen can see that I got this at Chicago Comics, which is still an essential stop if you’re ever in the area, but I have my doubts that this is widely available in any form.  Why?  Because small press artists hate their fans and never want their old work to be readily available, that’s why.  If all goes well that will be at least slightly changing around here in the very near future…

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