Mills, Scott – Memory Palace of Rocket



Memory Palace of Rocket

My old timey reviews continue, as this mini comic is from the ancient year 2000.  Can you still buy it anywhere?  I sure doubt it, and it didn’t look like it from Scott’s website.  Hey, at least he’s still making comics.  Reviewing these older minis and checking up on what these artists are doing now can be a depressing business, or at least it can be if they’ve given up comics altogether.  Depressing for me at least, it’s entirely possible that they’re all much happier without them.  This comic is all about Scott’s memory palace, which is exactly what it sounds like: an imaginary place full of his memories.  The trouble is that there’s also an evil version of Scott running around this memory palace, and they’re bound to run into each other before the tour (which the good Scott is giving to the reader) is over.  It’s a fascinating peek into his mind, as he shows various things from memory or from his imagination.  Honestly, I mostly picked this from his old pile of minis to review because of that classic ending, which I am bound not to repeat here in a review.  It’s a shame, but what are you going to do?  If you can find this I recommend it, but good luck with that.  Maybe once the rental program starts up you’ll be able to read it like that…  $3


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