Mills, Scott – Seamonsters & Superheroes #3


Seamonsters & Superheroes #3

I hope you’re all happy! Because you didn’t make Scott rich (apparently), this is probably the last issue of this series. I for one miss having individual issues of comics to look forward to. Sure, you still get stories from the comic greats, but it’s mostly in graphic novel form, and you only get to see those once a year or so at best. Exercise some randomness, for the love of all that is holy! Just do a comic about whatever random stuff pops into your head instead of making sure it all fits neatly into a graphic novel! Economically, I know it’s probably not possible, but there’s always mini comics. OK, rant over. This one is about, surprisingly enough, seamonsters and superheros. You have a joke about a head shop, random three panel funnies, an old Jewish man and an alien partner, legos at war, single panel mayhem, death, a planet of clones, and, of course, giant monsters. It’s the perfect example of making a comic out of every single random thing that comes into your head, and I for one couldn’t be happier. Contact info for Scott is all over the place, I think he should be a rich man, but what do I know? $2.95

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