Mills, Scott – Seamonsters & Superheroes #1


Seamonsters & Superheroes #1

Hey, Scott Mills has his own regular series from Slave Labor Graphics! Who knew? A bunch of people, probably, but I rarely get to the comics store these days. This is, as the name implies, a bunch of random stories about seamonsters and superheroes, sometimes together, sometimes separate. This issue is all over the place, frankly, but it’s still a fun book. Stories in here include a regretful ship captain, a quitting superhero, a blob, some dude eating planets, a lover’s quarrel, a superhero on the crappers, the true life story of Scott Mills (or is it?), and stupid aliens. Oh, and more text than you can shake a stick at, although I’m not sure why you thought shaking a stick at something was constructive in any way. There’s also the most detailed description of the next issue that I’ve ever seen (he goes into panel descriptions for certain page, although it’s all in fun) and a description of what it’s all about. In other words, he uses this book to talk about stuff, which is fine with me, as I’m usually curious to see what the guy has to say. It’s $2.95 and well worth a look, I’ll let you know about future issues (although I know #2 is already out). Oh, here’s the Slave Labor website!

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