Mitchell, Brian John – Just A Man #3 (with Andrew White)



Just A Man #3 (with art by Andrew White)

What the hell?  Sorry, us “professional” reviewers need to give you readers more to work with but… what the hell?  Brian has expertly flipped the motive behind our hero completely around with this issue, and he caught me completely by surprise.  In this issue our hero takes off towards the whorehouse, at the request of a man in town who says that his daughter is working there and he wants to get her back.  He makes his way to the whorehouse, finds the girl in question, and manages to grab her and head her towards the door… when his wife calls his name.  She’s at the whorehouse too, and she has a gun on him.  His reaction to this is, well, a little odd.  It’s my personal (and constantly changing) rule that everything after the midway point of a book is a spoiler, so I can’t say too much, but this naturally sets our hero to wondering about everything that has happened in the last couple of issues.  He has McTeague’s men after him (looking for revenge), men from the whorehouse after him (looking for the woman he basically kidnapped), and then he’s confronted with another moral dilemma when the woman he’s taken says that she is not the daughter of that man after all, just somebody he wants as his own personal whore.  This is by far the best issue of the series, and the other two were pretty damned good already.  It takes some talent to make a straightforward western revenge story into something else entirely, and Brian did it flawlessly.  Check it out, it’s a tough competition but this may end up being his best series of all.  $1


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