Mitchell, Brian John – Just A Man #2 (with Andrew White)



Just A Man #2 (with art by Andrew White)

Hey look, it is a series after all!  If you’re confused go back and read the review for the last issue, where I kvetched endlessly about the merits of this as a one-shot versus as a series.  Judging from the most recent pile of books sent my way this isn’t his only new series.  If the man keeps up this ridiculous pace he might want to put together some sort of index so we can all keep up.  This time around our hero has finished off the people who killed his wife and child and is left with an understandable emptiness.  Adrift, he goes to sleep on the back of his horse and lets it take him to his next destination, wherever that may be.  He’s also on the lookout for some of McTeague’s men who may be out looking for revenge, although he’s at a bit of a loss to explain why he should go on living.  He eventually has a reason to live drop into his lap, or at least a way to have a meaningful death, which we’ll learn more about the next time around.  Feels like I may have spoiled too much with this one, but the pacing of these makes it a bit too easy to summarize.  That’s right, it’s somehow Brian’s fault.  Sure, I’ll stick with that.  Anyway, my opinion of this series went up considerably now that I know it IS a series, as who doesn’t like a good western about a man on the run?  It’s officially worth a look as far as I’m concerned.  $1


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