Mitchell, Brian John – Worms #2 (with Kimberlee Traub)



Worms #2 (with art by Kimberlee Traub)

This is damned near the perfect tiny suspense comic.  Things happened in the first issue of which we’re quickly and efficiently informed in a succinct one page synopsis, then it’s off to the story.  A woman wakes up with someone trying to get a gun away from her and quickly finds herself captive in a hospital.  Or, at least, she thinks it’s a hospital, although a bit of exploring on her part makes her question that assumption, or at least question that it’s as easy as all that.  Kimberlee’s deceptively simple artwork somehow manages to ratchet up the suspense, Brian more than holds up his end with the words (and throws in an excellent cliffhanger to boot), and I’m liking this format of tiny books with one panel per page more and more.  What’s this, five of his books reviewed now?  I can safely say that anybody who sends this guy $5 or so for a small pile of comics won’t come away disappointed.  $1


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