Mitchell, Brian John – Worms #3 (with Kimberlee Traub)



Worms #3 (with art by Kimberlee Traub)

With a suspense comic it’s best to leave the specifics alone for as long as possible, as that generally ratchets up the suspense, and Brian does an excellent job of that here.  We do learn in this issue why the title of the series is “Worms” (at least a little bit), but as for everything else… who knows?  Our heroine from the last issue wakes up strapped to a bed, hooked up to an IV.  She quickly sees that this IV has worms swimming in the liquid, then she sees that one of the creatures is swimming through the tube to her arm.  Things get even more disgusting from there, believe it or not, and we’re left to wait until the next issue (if then) to get some idea of where exactly she’s being held and why.  It didn’t take me long to get hooked on these tiny comics, but they’re like minuscule bundles of comic crack.  You get a little tiny taste each time of what sure feels like a master plan, unless of course he’s making it up as he goes and has me completely fooled.  Worth checking out either way.  $1


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