Mitchell, Brian John – Lost Kisses #5


Lost Kisses #5

Yep, that’s about actual size for this comic. It was actually shrunk from a smaller size a few years back and is now right around the size of a pack of matches, but somehow Brian manages to pack all sorts of goodness into this tiny package. This is a short version of the story of Brian’s life, his struggles to keep friends, to distinguish himself from humanity as a whole (although I would submit that a continuing interest in this medium is a good start), and his surprising lack of interest in many self-perceived failings. Turns out (spoiler alert!) that he has something called Asperger’s, so maybe this odd disconnectedness he’s feeling is simply a matter of faulty brain wiring. Honestly, when I see a comic this tiny, the best I’m hoping for is maybe a good joke or two, something mildly amusing because of the novelty format. The fact that he was able to put together an emotionally moving story while still being oddly disaffecting is impressive as hell to me. You can order all five issues at his website for $3.50, or maybe, what, $1 apiece? This is well worth seeking out for anybody who has ever felt listless and directionless, which I’m guessing is just about everybody reading this at one time or another…

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