Mitchell, Brian John – Lost Kisses #6


Lost Kisses #6

The king of very tiny comics is back! OK, maybe I’m not allowed to call him the king of tiny comics.  Many people are making mini comics, and many of them are pretty damned tiny, but very few people I know are this prolific while keeping their books this tiny… and still managing to pack engaging stories in the little things.  This issue is a flip book (both by Brian), with one half detailing the reasons he should stay with his girlfriend and the other detailing the reasons he should leave.  He makes a point in the beginning of the mini to say that this isn’t about any specific girl in his life, and I suppose that’s true of the comic as a whole, but a number of panels here just have to be about one person.  Still, it’s not like he’s going to get sued or anything, as these minimalistic images make lawsuits pretty unlikely.   On the negative side, yes, he goes into things that are true of a lot of women, and no, I don’t think it’s misogynistic to say so.  His negatives are lying, a lack of willingness to deal with past emotional scarring, spider veins, her being over her ideal body weight, appearance being more important than reality, having no taste in art, and rogue nipple hairs.  On the plus side, his positives for a girlfriend are intelligence, a sense of humor, better self-esteem, the peace he feels while holding her, good hair, musical skill, and the simple fact that he loves her.  Granted, some of the negatives are pretty petty, and some of the positives are generalities that you see in every dating ad to ever exist, but this is still a fascinating book.  Leave this on the coffee table (if anybody even sees it amidst the clutter) and sit back and wait for all the awkward conversations that are sure to follow.  Like everything else I’ve seen from this guy, it’s well worth a look, that’s for sure.


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