Mitchell, Brian John – Lost Kisses #8



Lost Kisses #8

I finally found something to complain about with Brian’s comics: they’re so tiny that they can get lost in the general chaos of my desk.  This comic came in months ago, and just now it fell out of a larger stack of comics when I reached for something to review.  As complaints go it’s pretty weak, granted, but I figured some negativity was due on this page, especially as I thoroughly enjoyed this issue.  This is the story of Brian’s ex getting robbed and beaten and ending up in a coma.  He pulls no punches at all in describing his feelings towards her, even going so far as to wish (almost) that he had done it.  If you wanted to complain about the stick figure artwork I guess you could do that, but nobody could fault Brian for a lack of openness.  Honestly, pretty much everybody who’s ever had a horrible breakup (which is probably everybody who has ever dated) has at least thought about killing their ex, but few people are willing to go into this much detail about it.  Brian doesn’t let himself off the hook either, going into some things he did wrong in the relationship and bemoaning his inability to completely move on from this relationship.  As always, this is another solid mini, and people with more organizational skills than me should have no trouble reading these tiny things all in a clump and not losing them around their room…


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