Mitchell, Brian John – Lost Kisses #10



Lost Kisses #10

Brian, with this issue, asks an important question: when it is OK to tell someone that you love them?  On top of that, what exactly is love, and is anyone ever capable of really loving someone else?  Those happy thoughts form the basis for this mini, so if you’re one of those people who is deliriously happy and in love, this one probably won’t do a whole lot for you.    It starts with Brian noticing that a lot more people are telling him that they love him recently, and he has a point: it’s used way too much.  Then again, as he points out, he is a stoic guy from a stoic family, so maybe he’s just taking the whole thing too seriously.   He also concedes that maybe if he had a wife and kids (a lot of his friends are married with children) that saying “I love you” would probably be second nature.  He concludes by saying that maybe he should give it a chance, or maybe he’ll end up lonely and bitter and won’t have to worry about people telling them that they love him because he’ll have lost all his friends.  Once again it’s an interesting comic, and he really has no right being this productive AND thought-provoking.  Just pick one or the other and save the rest for the other mini comics folk.  I think everybody knows where I stand on these things by now, that they’re very much worth checking out.  He does mention that he’s running out of ideas, but I’ll believe it when I see it…  $1


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