Mitchell, Brian John – XO #4 (with Melissa Spence Gardner)



XO #4 (art by Melissa Spence Gardner)

Another issue of XO, another fun murder.  Actually, I suppose you could call this an “almost murder”, followed quickly by the steps necessary to make it an actual murder.  OK, I’m getting way ahead of the story.  Once again, everything is presented like it’s a true story, which only makes the whole thing creepier.  Brian comes home from grocery shopping to find his neighbor outside arguing with her boyfriend.  He decides to step in, asking her if she’d like the guy to leave, and things escalate to the point where the girl just walks away and the guy takes a swing at Brian, which leads to him getting punched in the face.  Trouble is that the punch was maybe a little too hard, as the guy doesn’t seem to be moving, and something has to be done about that body lying in the parking lot.  I’m really starting to love these tiny things (in case you haven’t read the other reviews, that cover sample is just about actual size), as they’re imaginative and creepy and (while Melissa is drawing anyway) artistically swell.  Not that the other ones are ugly, it’s just that Brian is more of a stick figure kind of guy.  This is probably right around $1, and every one of these I’ve seen so far has been worth checking out.


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