Mitchell, Brian John – Lost Kisses #9



Lost Kisses #9

It’s getting to the point where I should give Brian a separate page for each of his titles to prevent this page from getting completely ridiculous.  He just sent 5 more comics along, one starting an entirely new series, and this page is bulky enough as it is.  Damn his productivity!  Lost Kisses is definitely the most personal of his mini minis, as this time around he talks about how he much he values creativity and artistic expression over economic stability and how this inevitably gets him in trouble with the significant others of his friends.  After all, when he encourages them to do more art, the reason against it is usually because of a job.  The conversation then turns to how much they hate that job, which turns to questioning why they still work at a place they loathe, which is not a direction that most significant others would like the conversation to go.  He goes on to talk about how he can’t seem to talk to these boyfriends/girlfriends like real people, as he always sees them as transitory, which is also how he sees life in general.  Cats, on the other hand, are creatures that he wants to like him.  He also mentions how much more he likes sleeping than sex, and once again generally shows that he is willing to talk about pretty much any personal detail, as he comes to terms with being stuck as a jackass for the rest of his life because changing would be too hard.  It’s brilliant stuff and seems to be getting better as he goes along which, with this level of productivity, means he’ll be Dan Clowes in no time.  These are all a buck each and I just noticed that he sells chunks of ten for $8, for those of you who like a bargain.


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