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How to Draw

Is the polish of 24 hour comics getting you down? Then why not try a 15 minute comic! Sure, it looks like crap (although there are a pages of this that look a lot better than they should), but it doesn’t make any difference as long as there’s a good story behind it. This one has that. It starts of as another “how to draw” (not that the title gives that away or anything) and then goes a completely different direction, going into detail about how to make glass for a frame for your picture, among other minute details. It all ends in tears, of course. Hey, I liked it a lot. No idea if the guy is much better when he takes his time, but at least the art and the story has a fun quality to it. This can’t be more than $.50 or so, check out the website and see what else they have around , as they have a ton of artists.

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