Morean, Sarah – Human



The mark of a great autobiographical story is, to me, the fact that I really want to see what happens next to the author when the story is done. That’s certainly true here. Sarah lays out her dating history, all the way from the first kiss on to current day, dealing in frank terms with screw-ups and STD’s along the way. OK, the STD was singular, but I’m pretty sure the screw-ups are plural. It’s a completely engrossing story; I wouldn’t have believed I just read 120 pages if I hadn’t checked on her website. She lays everything out here, hanging out with friends, trying to figure out the right person to date and who to keep as “just friends”, talking about where to live and who to be. And it’s funny! If you get the impression that it’s just a dryly told life store, forget it, I laughed out loud more than a few times here. It’s $9, which may seem steep to some of you, but there’s a whole lot of comic here, well worth it in my book. As for me, I’m still looking forward to seeing what happens next…

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