Morris, Joseph – Gulatta! #1



Gulatta! #1

In case you’re wondering, “Gulatta” is apparently a nonsense word that Joseph thought sounded cool, so don’t take the time to try and look it up.  This is the story of a professor (who appears to be half dinosaur), an Impossicube (not to be confused with the Cosmic Cube from all those Marvel comics), a team of super villains sent to steal the cube, and a loosely organized team of “heroes” who arrive to save the cube.  If you’re looking for plot or much in the way of dialogue, it’s best to move onto another comic.  If all you’re looking for is a 12 page fight scene, you’re in luck!  Joseph does manage to come up with some interesting super powers (the guy with the three flaming tongues was at least unique), but he needs a spell check in the worst way.  All told it’s a fairly forgettable comic, which is a shame because I liked his part work well enough.  Ah well, let’s just call it an off-comic and leave it at that, as I think his past work shows he does have something to say about super heroes.  Better luck next year, for my yearly pickup at SPACE… $1


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