Morris, Joseph – SDF Sampler


SDF Sampler

Another year, another SDF sampler from Joseph. No idea why I don’t just spend a few bucks and get a real issue, chances are I’m just broke by the time I get to his table, or I’m trying to horde a few bucks so I can get something from the Top Shelf table, which never works out. Anyway, here’s another shortie. The main story in here is about Walt and Sped Cornhusker (who aren’t sure how they’re related) finding a hole in their pantry. It leads to a den of raccoons who have stolen their pork rinds, and mayhem ensues from there. There’s also a fairly pointless little story about Frimpy, a pathetic little… um, bow tie? No idea what he’s supposed to be, if anything. Rabbits hate him, that’s all I’ll say about that. There’s hardly enough here to qualify for a sampler, at least to a greedy bastard like myself, but I’ll make every effort to get an actual comic next year. For now my opinion is the same as it was then: I’m intrigued and would like to see more.

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