Murphy, Myatt & Dalrymple, Scott – Fade From Blue #4


Fade From Blue #4

What a great series! Sorry, that probably ruins the suspense of whether or not I liked the book. It's the story of 4 half-sisters, joined together when their 4 mothers all die under mysterious circumstances. I wouldn't even know this if I didn't read the synopsis at the start of the book, as it hasn't been mentioned much at all in the series yet. That's my only complaint about the book, coincidentally enough. I'm all for letting a story build up momentum slowly, but I read the first four issues all at once and it seemed like there's still a LONG way to go until a lot of major things are addressed. Hey, as long as they keep a consistent schedule (and it's looking bi-monthly to me right now), I'll have the patience to trust in their master plan. And did I mention how cheap these are? How many comics do you see with a color cover for $1.50? I'm not sure where a good starting point is... you might be better off waiting for the first collection to come out, whenever that is, and then pick up the issues from there. But what you have here are four distinctly different, vibrant personalities all trying to do their own thing, and the book is enthralling because of it. Check out the website, it's well worth the effort to spend a few books and get caught up with what's going on here.

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