Nichols, L. – Jumbly Junkery #5


Jumbly Junkery #5

L. adds a few longer pieces this time around, and I think she may be onto something.  Granted, I already thought #4 was fantastic, but it’s always nice to see something completely different from an artist and still have it be fantastic.  Shows range, don’t you know.  There are still one page stories in here, about things like being gassy, public urination, the guard cat, and the daily grind of working.  New to this issue are brief snippets about L.’s new love interest (or at least her character in the comic), adorable as they’re only about this new person sleeping.  The longer pieces are what shines in here though, especially the biggest one in the bunch, about what to do when a person (in this case, a Muslim) overhears a stranger (in this case, an asshole) making racist comments to you.  Do you go go out of your way to tell the asshole off?  Do you, alternately, go out of your way to tell the Muslim that you don’t agree with the asshole?  Other longer stories deal with the dangers of watching tv, where women are at today, feminism in theory versus reality, a quiet piece of observation, and the persistence of some men who yell at attractive women as they walk by.  Oh, and in case anybody is wondering, it’s just a coincidence that both of the sample pages are entitled “The Sad Truth”, it’s not like that’s a constant theme of her comics or anything.  just felt compelled to point that out.  Great stuff again, if the last issue was $5 I’d say this one is the same.

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