Nichols, L. – Jumbly Junkery #8



Jumbly Junkery #8

There are few people making comics that put this amount of work into their product.  Most people throw a few stories of varying lengths together and call it a comic.  L. always has a whole pile of stories in her comics, I have yet to see a weak piece and the whole package is always amazing.  I don’t know if those covers translate well through my scanner, but they’re always impressive.   She mixes a few larger pieces in this issue along with the usual short pieces, and subjects include fireflies, a schoolboy who’s obsessed with numbers, theories on how she cracked her tooth, the many stores closing and opening in her neighborhood, her fears of never making anything that lives up to her standards (utterly unfounded, but it’s often impossible to convince genuinely talented people of that fact), trying to enforce discipline on herself, contemplating the meaning of everything while having a mundane conversation with her parents, Katrina (her dad was living there when the storm hit, and I’, guessing that was her home for a long time), ennui, being unafraid to show real emotions, her amazing ability to always catch guys being assholes to women, and the heroic tale of a cat taken away against its will.  Her Katrina story was particularly awful because she was stuck at school for months and had no idea what to expect when she got back, she just knew the effect that it was having on her family.  And really, I’m a guy and I haven’t heard guys being total assholes to women nearly as often as she has.  It’s another impressive collection of stories, and as this is up to #8 I’m sure you guys already know all about this series so I won’t belabor the point.  $5 (?)


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