Nilsen, Anders – Big Questions #7


Big Questions #7

Holy crap, now this is published by Drawn & Quarterly! I don’t know if that makes a difference these days in terms of visibility for a book, but I’m sure it can’t hurt. Kudos to them for once again realizing one of the best series out there when they see it. This issue reads sort of like a break from some of the more intense goings-on, which you might have been able to guess from that title. The retarded man eats some bark and takes a nap; meanwhile Algernon has a talk with a snake and a big cat is wandering around the general area. All of which is a surface description only, as the closest thing I can compare reading this issue to is the calmest, most serene Spring day you can think of. Seriously. I’d like a time machine just so I can go ahead a few years and see how amazing this story is when it’s all put out in graphic novel format. $5 and it’s money very well spent…

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