O’Dell, Giles – Zoonbats #2


Zoonbats #2

Wow, this page hasn’t been touched in years.  In that review for the first issue of this series I talk about all the “months” that I’ve been doing this.  Considering that I started this in August of 2001 and that I’m going on 9 years rambling now, that was a VERY long time ago.  This was also apparently back when I would occasionally scan all books that were sent to me and post them without reviews, in the hope that I would get back to them eventually, and I clearly failed on this one.  Still, one scanner without the proper software + a prescanned comic = a new review!  Refer back to the review for the first issue if you get too confused, as I tried to sum up the whole thing.  This issue takes place entirely in the truck of Murray, as he gives Wayne (an alligator) a ride.  The first chunk is spent with Murray explaining the many wonderful things about his truck, followed quickly by his description of the drugs he takes to make his deliveries on time and his constant need for coffee.  This would make for a pretty dull issue, but then Murray tells the story of the time when a bunch of road pirates (for lack of a better term) attempted to hijack his truck.  He manages to zap one with his cattle prod, but that still leaves five on the truck, trying to get the trailer loose and bash him in the skull to prevent any other zappings.  It ends on a cliffhanger (although you know that he survived, what with him telling this story to Wayne and all), and it’s been way too long since I read these to have any idea what happens next.  Not sure if this is still in print, as I couldn’t find a hint of it at his website, but the fact that it’s still named Zoonbats gives me some hope.  If you can find it, it’s worth checking out…

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