Page, Tyler – Mini Vittles #1


Mini Vittles #1

What’s a safe level of expectation for a mini comic with a bunch of unconnected odds and ends when it’s from a guy who put together one of your favorite graphic novels of the last couple of years? If you answered “guarded optimism but also ready for the worst”, you’re right! I thought the first Stylish Vittles book (of which I ramble about for quite a while up there) was tremendous. I didn’t get to his table at SPACE until the end of the day, meaning that most of my money was gone, so I couldn’t afford the second installment. Still, I didn’t want to leave empty-handed, so I picked up the mini. And, well, it’s kind of a mess, but at least he’s honest about it.In here is the inspiration for the first graphic novel, an untitled page (that goes nowhere), Grocery Boy, a sloppy ramble on self-doubt, Dryer Girl, babysitting, and a cat. The best part of the book was too little kids sitting on a doorstep and talking about marriage, but overall this is only something to get once you’ve exhausted your other Tyler Page options and are still curious about his work. Check out the graphic novel, this is $2 if you’re interested and contact info is up there.

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