Paglia, Kimberly – My Life in Family Vacations


My Life in Family Vacations

I’m regretting it more and more all the time that I didn’t get more of these when I had the chance. This looks like a perfect series to just sit back and read on some lazy afternoon, and at the end of that afternoon I get the feeling that you’d know an awful lot about Kimberly, which is what good autobio comics are all about, right? This one, obviously, is about various vacations she has taken with her family when she was a child. Washington DC, Niagra Falls, wax museums, camping, a ferris wheel, and trying without success to get to Hershey, PA. You can probably tell by the samples that this isn’t the most gorgeous artwork in the world or anything, but man are these fun to read. Contact info is up there, again only $.75!

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